When I look into the mirror in the morning, it feels like five to twelve. My sustainable ultrasound treatment from May/ June either requires repetition or I need to experience a new beauty approach. So far, I have limited myself to external applications, so why not test a booster from the inside, e.g. a collagen drink.

Already the 30-year-old youngsters dream of firmer and smoother skin and of course cellulite prevention. Specifically, during the aging process, it is always important to stimulate the metabolism of the skin and counteract the “loss of extracellular collagen-containing matrix crosslinking”.

Internet research quickly showed that there are various providers. Quite soon my focus was on a  product called DermaGold. I admit that “gold” sounds promising like “winner” or “gold standard”.  “Noun equals omen”? After all, ARTO PROVITA seems to be a true collagen specialist; have a look right HERE

In addition to cosmetics, the company also offers dietary supplements, which are highly enriched with “joint collagen”, such as Gelastin, a product for the dietary management of arthrosis.

In any case you should inform yourself in advance what you can realistically expect from such a product. So, what is collagen and why does it affect different levels like hyaluronic acid? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kollagene     https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peptid

Collagen is the most important structural component of the skin, while the texture of the skin decisively is affected by endogenous (e.g., hormones, nutrition) and environmental (UV) influence.

The collagen family represents a group of proteins which add up to 25% of the total protein in the human body. Collagen is thus the most important fiber constituent of the skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and teeth. So far, 25 collagen polypeptides are known which build up different collagen types in terms of structure and density. Collagen is found in the organism mainly in the connective and supporting tissue, where it can make up the majority of the extracellular matrix depending on its nature. It not only determines the tear strength of ligaments and tendons or the flexibility of bone, but also the pressure resistance and firmness of the skin. Bingo, that’s what it’s about when you look at your cheeks and chin as you get older. Also my nasolabial folds would be very happy about a compensating support.

According to my dermatologist, especially in cosmetic surgery collagens are used as injection material for shaping external structures of the body (for example lips) and for wrinkle injection. In addition, a variety of genetic diseases are triggered by defects of collagen or associated proteins. Et al the collagen synthesis needs ascorbic acid and other catalysts; DermaGold as well contains the vital substances biotin, zinc, selenium and vitamin A. The exact quantities are shown on the packaging.

So you cannot go wrong with a regular intake – especially in advanced age or to compensate for the temporal decline; so to say strengthen its own endogenous network with it. However, I always remain critical, but where therapeutic efficacy is already proven, there should also be room for a successful cosmetic effect.

During my study-research, I found the following statement regarding the special collagen peptides  in the “Pharmacy-Magazine” of May 2015: “… The influence of the protein collagen on the structuring extracellular matrix in the deeper skin layers is clearly proven (in particular short-chain collagen peptides). … In the deeper layers of the skin they stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and fibrillin. …. Human studies have shown that it has an effect on the extracellular matrix of the deep skin-layers; furthermore the collagen peptides significantly improve skin hydration and elasticity and in consequence reduce wrinkles. ”

Regarding product-specific research, there were several publications on the effects of drinking collagen between 2015 and 2018 (analyzes mostly by Fresenius). All results state a visible improvement against placebo (by microscopic analysis) after an 8-12 weeks’ consistable intake. Even after stopping the intake, moisture, elasticity and density of the skin stayed significantly improved for a while.

Concerning elasticity / firmness on average: face +49%, décolleté 45%, forearms 45%, thighs 40%; in terms of skin moisture and density, a total of 25% to 35% (by ultrasound measurement). It seems to me quite optimistic, but unlike creams, which reach only the upper layers of the skin to me a real alternative.

No (negative) abnormalities were found regarding dermatological compatibility or other side effects including overdose.

Well, here are some more details regarding DermaGold by Atro ProVita:  https://atro-provita.de/atro-dermagold.html?utm_source=tam&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=oktober2019

If you open the white-gold packaging, you will find 30 vials (360 milliliters in total). Small but effective, and indeed each is a real shot, because the ampoules contain just 12 milliliters similar to a syringe. The fat-free drink (calorific value per ampule only 14 kcal), tastes pleasantly fruty like peach or mandarin and contains with 8.7 grams per 100 milliliters barely sugar (certainly suitable for diabetics). I have always taken it with meals during lunch or dinner, not to forget it and to protect my temporarily sensitive stomach.

DermaGold is a mix of classic vital substances AND the collagen Verisol, which Latinas allegedly swear on in the fight against wrinkles. No miracles are promised, but the good “preservation” of skin, hair and nails.

The dominant ingredient is the collagen Verisol, a so-called bio-active collagen peptide, which is represented with 2.5 grams per ampoule. Since they are only fragments of the original collagen peptide, they are so small that they can easily pass through the bloodstream into the deeper layers of the skin and directly and quickly be absorbed by the body.

The effect: Especially when the body’s own collagen production decreases in old age, the skin is better moistened and elastic by this supply. Wrinkles can disappear, well, wrinkles become refined line.

CONCLUSION: The first 3-4 weeks I could hardly notice any optical difference; perhaps the skin shimmers a bit more rosier and you may feel some facial tension without having a dry skin (obviously there is something going on). However, a lasting effect cannot happen overnight, because cell renewal is slowed down in advanced age and takes about six to ten weeks, depending on the body part. Product statements that promise something different, are not very trustworthy to me.

In oder to assist the boosting effect from outside, I add a moisturing and hydrating collagen-gel before applying my regular day-/ night care cream.

Although I cannot measure the improvements accurately, I am quite satisfied with the result (subjectively). In particular, cheeks and chin feels a lot firmer and some forehead wrinkles appear reduced. Pleasing also the smoothing at the lower edge of the lip, while less has happened around the eyes. Maybe I should have started with the cure some years ago already. The skin on the arms also seems a little firmer, but this may be caused by our activities winterizing our terrace over several days, a real heavy muscle work. Regarding the thighs, well, it depends on the light. About stability of the fingernails and hair growth, I can say very little, since I have never had any problems before. A remarkable overall improvement is noticed on general skin hydration, since I do not have to permanently cream my body as before. Previously, arms, neckline and shoulder area sucked in the body lotion just like hell. Of course the autumn season may also play a role here. Being able to isolate the single key factors is just too difficult for a regular consumer.

Admittedly, taking DermaGold does not replace daily external skin care, supplying the body with fresh air, healthy food and a mindful way of living. Rather, it is seen as a supplementary drug for the regeneration of the skin within the context of the aforementioned triad. And, as everybody knows, every organism reacts differently to any intake/ supply. Moreover, there is no status quo, since we and our environment are constantly changing and are subject to many influences.

After a break of about 3-4 months, I should probably repeat the intake. Especially since the price-performance ratio of around EUR 40 per month/ pack seems pleasing and well feasible and is probably more useful than to invest only in expensive creams.

Keep yourself informed and get convinced by your own experience : “quality needs fans” … at this point our blog certainly has something in common with DermaGold. Thanks to our TAM readers! It just takes one click to view the productshttps://atro-provita.de?utm_source=tam&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=oktober2019

Incidentally, I am always very pleased when the manufacturer offers a service contact for questions:  service@atro-provita.de  or telephone:  +49 (0) 6271-841011


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