About spooky places and the meaning of Halloween, I wrote in detail last year. This time I rather like to refer to a few costume proposals and special places.


One thing right in advance: It is not my cup of tea to go to any public Halloween party, where laser flashes circle in a small room and loud music basses screech all night. I am also cautious to enter one of these too professionally arranged castle festivals, where visitors meet to chase ghosts, but sooner or later mutate to alcoholics or the like.

I’m usually more in search of Halloween-similar places like an escape room (I have not tested the mentioned location myself) https://adventurebox-karlsruhe.de/escape-room/, an event in the foggy forest, the visit of an historic pharmacy museum (where often various strange specimens are kept in large spirit glasses an scary stories are told) or the cellar of the vinegar doctor in Venningen, where the yeast and fermentation processes are perceived in audible tones and a “monk” leads through the underground tunnels (highly recommendable). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K07KlcXPs0

In some places night walks with torches are also offered in (maize) labyrinths. Depending on the location it is quite an experience. Following the comedy movie “Night in the Museum” with starring Ben Stiller, several museums are kept open till night on October 31th.

Well, if you would like to see yourself as a “hungry skeleton“, all you need is a t-shirt or dress with a skeleton print and matching tights, for example with points or cobwebs. Make-up and accessories are selectable to your taste, such as a white facial make-up, a ragged wig, long red fingernails, a spider dummy on the wrist, a colorful net to trap victims or colored contact lenses.

The skeleton likes to satisfy its hunger with some brain mass, a mask which can also serve as  headgear for an “Egyptian mummy“.

The best basis for this costume is an old long-sleeved shirt and some leggings. Furthermore, you need 4-5 wide elastic bandages; no matter in which color. In order to keep the whole dress in shape after wrapping around legs and body, you should definitely fix some points with needle and thread. This takes some time, but it’s well worth the effort. I found the “open brain amsk” for approx. EURO 10.- in the Internet.

The colorful contact lenses are available all year round in drugstores and other markets. Who does not wear optical lenses, needs some practice to place them correctly with lens fluid right on the pupil – but it looks simply great. Wearing the lenses feels strange in the beginning. However, if they are placed correctly, this “foreign body feeling” gets quickly lost. Please be careful, if your eyes start to burn, then remove the lenses immediately.

If all this is too much effort, the “virus variant” may solve your needs. Simply pull over a (blue) garbage bag (first cut two holes for the arms into the right and left side), put on two small plastic bags over the (sports) shoes and tie them around the ankles with a string or rubber band. Onto the head, if you want, wear a shower cap and add a sign with the words “ebola virus“, “E-HEC” and/ or “disease commission“. This version can be improved when you wear a disposable medical smock made of fleece and a surgical mask instead of the garbage bag.

Some of you might think that it is too silly to dress up for Halloween in advanced age and I myself do not always feel like it as well.  But in nice company you are allowed to be a bit foolish and quirky sometimes. Because honestly spoken: what happens daily in the world, makes me feel much more scary.

So, join in and have fun or just ignore it.


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