As in the previous years, Renate and me tested and reported on various products over the past twelve months. Not all samples could convince us, but some of course did.


The product range impresses with its variety and thanks to controlled quality it is suitable for both, competitive and amateur athletes. Also in case of specific health problems or predispositions, the supplemental intake of vitamins and minerals may be useful.

The cooling, orange fresh scented hydro-mask is a true revelation. It is absorbed immediately and supplies stressed summer skin intensively with moisture. Its texture is so pleasant that I often used it as a “overnight care”.

  • The sustainable caring and healing products from the Töchterle-Hof (near Graz) made from/ with mare’s milk
Further news and products available via online-shop such as the “Neuro-Socks” can be found here:

  • The Biorepair toothpaste and toothmilk from Dr. Wolff with hydroxylapatite are as of today my daily companions and guarantors of healthy, white teeth.
In addition I can recomment the spectrum of the trademark ALCINA, which also belongs to the Wolff Group.


R A N K  5:  The “collagen drink” from Atro Provita – beauty by drinking. With each intake, DermaGold cushions the skin from inside, strengthens the tissue structure and gives a lasting, beautiful teint.
DermaGold is a mix of classic vital substances AND the collagen Verisol. Especially when the body’s own collagen production decreases in advanced age, the skin is better moistened and kept elastic by this drinking supply.

R A N K  4: Perfume with scent of blue wisteria/ glycinia and body powder from Asam Beauty
The Eau de Parfum is dominated by flowery-fruity notes such as peony, aloe vera and grapefruit. The composition is rounded off by musk and cedar wood flavors – simply magical and something different.

The Vitamin E body powder presents itself elegantly in a white-gold box with powder puff on top. The delicately apricot-scented powder particles ensure a neat, silky skin feeling. Especially in the summer, body powder is my refined alternative to perfume and deodorant. I love this neat dry feeling after the bath or during a romantic evening for two.

R A N K  3:  Reduces age spots, prevents brown spots – the Beautymates’ Pigment Correction Booster delivers triple active ingredient power. Vitamin C (lightening effect, reduction of melanin formation) and B3 (regulates the production of skin fat) are highly effective against hyperpigmentation and blemished skin. The serum, respectively 2-3 drops thereof, may be spotted with the pipette directly onto the affected skin segment. Alternatively it can be supplied in a less concentrated form by mixing it with the daily face cream (e.g., in the hand) in advance and then applied as usual. On the cheek I use the pure serum, near the eye area I prefer the more mild version.
Both aforementioned vitamins have also an anti-inflammatory effect and ensure a pure and radiant complexion. I have been testing the product for about three weeks now and there are first signs of success as regards skin tone adjustment on the cheek.
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R A N K 2Ultrasound technology meets skincare. The product combination of ConMedes and Genesys shows optimal effects when it comes to blood circulation, skin tightening and cell renewal. The concept of substance delivery into deeper skin layers convinced me by 100% and – equally important – had a lasting effect.

However, you need a beauty salon that uses this technique. The single products such as my favorites “White Boa, Bluetox or Lympho” can of course be ordered individually in the online shop (but – in my opinion – the combined appliction is much more effective).

R A N K 1 … and the Oscar goes to … the company which was named “A nice spot of earth” – so true. The neat lingerie/ underwear ideas from Austria are simply unbeatable. The design is wonderfully creative and sexy and all pieces are made from best cotton quality. Whether ladies, men or children’s collection, everyone will quickly find the favorite piece. In addition, the company with women power pays attention to sustainable packaging.

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P.S.  If the classic Christmas stress has already reached you, how about to relax with the cream-mask triple “Matcha”, “Firming” and “Hyalulron” (Asam Beauty). Protect, nurture, regenerate! The anti-aging key factors are green tea, lemon balm extract, skin-related ceramides and other sustainable substances. Detailed information under:

Anyway, my favorite is the green and orchid-scented tea mask with panthenol, alumina and grape seed/ avocado oil …. aroma therapy and „free radical scavengers“ included.


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