I am just back from an enchanting Christmas concert, which was under the artistic direction of Matthias Berkel and the Canadian vocal lecturer Judith Janzen. https://buehnefrei.org/

The choice of program topics was correspondingly anglophile and demanding. In connection with the guest quintet “The BRASSeriethe evening had some outstanding moments and considering the sprakling theater illumination it could have also taken place on the Broadway. No wonder, because the brass professionals have an international reputation. www.basserie5.de . In particular outstanding their own compositions such as the adaptation or overlay of two pieces of music. For example, “The Little Drama Boy” mixed with tone sequences from the famous “Bolero” by Ravel – to me, in terms of musical brilliance and instrumental technique a magic moment.

The evening was skillfully moderated by Simon Staiger, who, as a qualified musical actor, also gave samples of his energetic voice. In addition to Benjamin Link, his passion for the stage was also accompanied and encouraged for a long time by Judith Janzen. 

If you ever have the opportunity to see/ hear the artists mentioned above at another occasion near your home, you should not miss them.

Anyway, her comes the grand finalChristmas is around the corner.

Before I spend money on senseless gifts, I rather prefer to buy nothing. After all, I shop my favorite items when ever needed and during the Christmas season you often hear the adult comment “But this time we don’t exchange presents among us”.

Right – this time I tend to present something to myself… shoes. Since I recently got cold, wet feet in the rain (my old boots obviously are no longer waterproofed) and I had selected unsuitable shoes for my last holiday trip, I decided to buy myself a new hiker, a pair of business all-rounders and new summer sandals. In other words: something robust for outdoor ventures, something trendy for the job and city appointments and something for at home or the spa. Wellness for the feet.

I conveniently ordered the shoe trio on the internet because the hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zones gets on my nerves. In addition I really wanted something in the new trend colorPantone“, but didn’t have enough choice on my site. I finally found what I was looking for at HARTJES, an Austrian company whose slogan is “Comfort with style”.

Luckily, the postman was just ringing and delivered the “For me gifts” just in time before Christmas. For a moment I hesitated: should I unpack them right away or wait until the 24th to enjoy the Christmas surprise? I choose a sound mix, which means to open the boxes now, but put the shoes under the Christmas tree. Childhood memories come up spontaneously when I always wanted to care for my new shoes – including my competition skates – as long as possible and being so proudly once took them even to bed.

Well, seems that the Austrians always have something extra on hand. When I unpacked the lovingly printed HARTJES shoe-box, it reminded me of my favourite creative lingerie company called “A beautiful place of earth” located in Salzburg. Because inside the box the following is printed in red letters: “In our shoes, there is a lot of handicraft, more than 60 years of experience, and exclusively premium leather from Europe. Only this leather guarantees the high quality we strive for and the uniqueness of our shoes… “ Sustainability also seems to be a key concern.

In fact, the noble smell of genuine leather rises into my nose once I take the shoes out of the box. Above all, I am relieved that all three pairs correspond exactly to the illustration in the online shop, …. well, I like what I see.

At first, I slip into the hikers with the trendy color „Pantone“, which fits particularly well with all jeans outfits. Because: If the color of pants and shoes matches, it stretches the leg (optically)! They look firm, but feel to be very light in weight; and with the usual pair of socks they fit (size 39) just perfectly. I turn in front of the mirror and get convinced that they look attractive from all sides.

I put the new acquisition in my Christmas corner and are of course curious to spot the black patent leather shoes, a model called “Sharky”. Indeed, they shine elegantly, are very comfortable and also super light in weight. The ankle height allows wearing them with trousers or skirts; in general, they should be suitable for every occasion. During the day in the office, as well while shopping and in the evening in the theater or any private get-to-geather. Casual chic. In my mind I already combine some outfits and tights which could fit best. A change of laces also allows a maximum of changeability, e.g. by inserting colored shoelaces etc., etc. … not bad, because diversity is just my world.

Finally, the smallest box: the sandals. Originally I wanted to order them in a red version, but then I decided for the “universal color” silver. I immediately notice the perfect workmanship of the seams and the practical velcro fastenings over the instep, which can be optimally adapted to every foot. In consequence this means no slipping or blistering pressure points due to complete relining. A non-slip sole profile was very important to me when choosing this model, because a few times I slipped away on wet surfaces in the spa and almost fell. When you put them on, you immediately notice the well-shaped, supportive footrest and the leather immediately ensures a pleasant temperature. For now I have to finish, but if you are curious, you can find further information HERE: www.hartjes.at

When I look at my three “darlings”, I am almost sure to made a good choice. All three will go travelling with me soon. And if I had had the black patent shoes yesterday already, it would have been the perfect match for my concert outfit. Being in good mood, I spontaneously start humming “Feliz Navidad” …

No matter whether cheerful jingle bells or heart-warming devotional yodels …

No matter if sun, rain or snow,

I got the right shoes for now.


Still looking for a suitable present, here comes the link to the HARTJES-Shopfinder: http://bit.ly/2w9RpkX


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