Too cold, too wet, neither sun nor snow, few money, no time and also a cold ? I know that feeling and especially after a holiday period a restart is often particularly difficult to realize. In addition, you sometimes try hard to find a new solution or organizational tool, but no matter what you try, there is no success; nothing really works out  … just depressing (not talking about an acute depression).

Bronchitis, nasal congestion or just looking for a fascinating ambience?  Just make your way to the next salt cave for about an hour. A distinction is made between facilities with and without a nebulization system. In the first case, concentrated iodine-bromine thermal brine is nebulized in the room for optimal absorption by breathing. You can taste and smell the increased salt concentration once you enter the room.

I personally love the ambience of the rooms lined/ paved with simple salt plates. Already the oriental-looking warm golden light and especially the warm sandy floor let you relax in a deck chair with soft sounds (in view of an increasing warming effect, pay attention to your  circulation and drink enough before / after the visit of the salt cave).

The clean, salty air basically filters the airways. Also the skin is cleaned and revitalized (relieves acne, psoriasis and allergies) and the immune system is strengthened. In addition the aerosols also have a preventive, anti-inflammatory effect. The inexpensive pleasure is now available at many places; just look it up under the keyword “salt cave” in the Internet.

Incidentally, the entry to a “healing cave” is great, I once have  done it in Berchtesgaden. The journey by the little train alone is quite an experience. On the site you are warmly bedded on a couch with the option to sleep or listen to some singing bowls.

The “Spirit” of Freddie Mercury. He once filled the large stadiums and concert halls worldwide due to his rock and theatrical compositions. A kind of “Queen Reaity Tribute” starts on January 2020 on a big tour through all Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Under the motto “The voice – the feeling – the passion”, the 90-minute show brings Freddie Mercury back to live and let the spectators experience his show in Wembley 1986.

Mercury was born in Zanzibar and spent much of his childhood in British boarding schools in India. There his talent was quickly recognized and at the age of 17 he moved to London where he founded the band “Queen” in 1970 together with guitarist B. May and drummer R. Taylor. Four years later he had his breakthrough with the hit “Killer Queen”. With his distinctive voice and his incredible stage presence, the charismatic songwriter managed one hit after the other. In deed he spent a live in the fast lane and, unfortunately, died early in 1991 due to his HIV illness.

My personal goosebump moment, however, was his joint appearance with the Spanish opera diva Montserrat Caballe on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Barcelona.  Tickets are available online under the keyword “Mercury Show”.

The visit of a Moorish bathing temple. When I first discovered the Palais Thermal (in Bad Wildbad near Pforzheim) on the Internet, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had experienced a similar atmosphere only far away in Seville. I particularly love the so-called „emperial baths“ with lush Art Nouveau elements and the Moorish hall, where you can rest and also small snacks are offered. Of course there are also various sauna areas and an outdoor rooftop pool with a wonderful view to the Black Forest. The thermal water comes from a depth of 200 meters and has a temperature of 32 to 38 degrees.  Further details under:

The latest hit is the new ice lounge for all senses. “Come in stressed and leave relaxed”. While you experience a room temperature of 12 degrees (feels more cold than expected), you can rub your body with icicles hanging from the cave ceiling or with ice crystals from an ice fountain, beautiful arctic landscapes are presented on a multimedia-vision wall; partly accompanied with the sound of the sea. In addition, a slight smell of mint has an invigorating effect.

In my opinion, a sauna session has not necessariliy be follwed by a super cold plunge pool, but rather a “medium” cooling temperature to gently balances the blood circulation again.

Warmth for external and internal use – well known and always helpful. Bring the world of tea into your home. Gourmets prepare tea from loose leaves or pieces of fruit in a jug.

Under the heading “Teamaker Tescoma”, you find some easy to understand YouTube instructions on how to make tea in special ways. Explanations are shown on how the individual preparation methods work best.

I personally like to drink it in the Russian way from a samovar, where the tea infusion can be prepared again and again by adding hot water and the strength of each sip can be determined individually. More specifically, a samovar is a two-part tea machine that is known since the 18th century. It is best to use black teas or Turkish leaf blends. Tea from a samovar is available for free around the clock in many Russian trains and hotels.

The samovar does NOT work according to the typical principles – tea bags and hot water. A samovar basically consists of two parts, a water kettle and a tea kettle. The water kettle is used to provide hot water for the tea, the other kettle is used to prepare the tea infusion itself. In the past, the elegant device was heated with charcoal, today of course, it works with electric power. Detailed explanations are stated under:

Under the motto “There is space in the smallest hut”, the Klafs company now obviously offers an extremely space-saving sauna for the wellness area at home. The infrared sauna (type S 1) can be set up at any place of a flat/ apartment or another room. The “foldable sauna” in retraction is just 60 centimeters deep, at the push of a button it can be extended to 160 centimeters within 20 seconds.

Well, no idea how it all works – if you are interested in it, just go on a discovery trip yourself … and the blues is gone.


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