My “ZIESEL” is ready for departure. Its powerful electric drive and the triangular rubber tracks make it suitable for all kind of off-road events. And this without noise or exhaust fumes, but with a maximum of fun.

The tracked vehicle can speed up to 35 kilometers / h on a track, but of course the focus is on off-road mobility, as it masters up to 60% incline. On the other hand, there are almost no driver requirements, because after a short briefing and driving test, the electric vehicle is well under control by joystick.
Safety is a top priority as it has a tubular steel frame, rollover protection, bucket seat with 4-point belt and safety brakes. Unfortunately, the proper “all-rounder” is not really cheap (cost approximately EURO 20,000.-), but you can rent it for trips per hour.

So let’s start … In the beginning we just drive along a plated path in first gear and practice shunting forwards and backwards. We quickly notice the agility of the “Ziesel” and how sensitive and prompt the control technology reacts to ny move. Then it’s time for an open  area and already the second gear shows the power of this scooter. On the slightly wet grass,  the chunks keep flying when speeding up, and driving through mound and over palettes means to control it with feeling. Good to know that you sit well secured by strap. All this with only a slight push of the control knob. If you press it at the same time to the right or left you drift into curves. At the fourth gear, the whole vehicle vibrates powerful and as a minor  experienced driver you shoul keep control during action. Click here if you want to see the short action video:

The “Ziesel” is an unforgettable driving experience in every season, especially in the snow. Because with these and similar scooters you can easily go anywhere. If you want to try it by yourself, just take a look at “Ziesel” or search in the internet under the manufacturer name “Mattro”.

Without such SNOWMOBILE many regions in Northern Europe, North America, Russia and Asia would not be habitable. There they are simply indispensable for getting around and transportation of needed goods. Driving a snowmobile is also not difficult and to be accomplished after a short briefing. However, on day tours it already requires some skills and endurance. This means not only to deal with wind and cold, but also the constant pressing of the throttle cable; at least for me an unusual exhausting movement of the thumb. Also tight turns require some power, because unlike a motorcycle there is almost no bend sliding.
As far as clothing is concerned, you should follow the “onion principle” with insulating air cushions. On top of our 3-layer ski clothes we put on another thermo-suit and thermal gloves. For me it could have been even more, but you still have to be able to move.

Much more comfortable is the ride with a “PISTENBULLY” or “Snow CATERPILLAR”. In Switzerland I once had the opportunity to accompany a team preparing the ski slopes at night. The cockpit has absolute high-tech level and of course those vehicles are well heated. However, extreme caution is advised when getting in, because the caterpillar knives are high and razor sharp. Despite its “power” some slope sections are too steep even for this device that the whole caterpillar must be linked in to a winch. Without this frontal steel cable fuse, it could possibly overturn backwards; although such a device weighs 12 tons and has a strength of  500 horsepower (no wonder it costs up to EURO 400.00.-).
Even better is the ride on the smaller “PISTENBUS” or “SNOWCAT” on a sunny day. Ski tour freeks sometimes like to use this ascent service to save time and energy. Ski lifts are finally – or thank God – not operated everywhere. And if – at the end of the way or halfway up – a retreat like the wonderful Bichl Alm near Kitzbühel offers a break, my perfect winterday has come true.

Let’s see what winter time will bring ….. so far lower regions and smaler mountain areas are still wainting for snow.


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