“Haalloooo…. it’s me … your shoe ... I’m so bored. I want to get out of the box and experience daily life !!! ”From the distance I hear drums or are there raindrops? Slowly the drum rhythm becomes more concrete and the melody “Singin in the Rain” can be heard. Uhiii, when I look down at myself, my feet are in black and white shoes and start step dancing like Jean Kelly … up and down the curb, up, down … and finally twice around the lantern. Splash, splash … I only had one glas of red-wine yesterday evening. As I continue reflecting about it, I startle from my dream.

Oh, God, 9:00 a.m already. I have to hurry up, because I’ve two special appointments today. Brr, the clouds are just chasing outside and the weather doesn’t look very promising. What to wear … preferably something dark. No “rhapsody in blue”, rather “symphony in black”. Immediately I remember my dream and yes, the new black patent booties / high sneaker would just be suitable.

I quickly slip into my leather pants, put on my pepita sweater and take the “HARTJES” out of the box. It looks great, no matter worn over or under the flap. I grab my beige coat and some apples and carrots for a stop at the nearby shepherd. Generally a few goats or sheep are always happy about a small extra feed at this time of the year.

Speaking of being fed. What a wonderful walk, because the elegant looking shoes made of nappa leather are also very comfortable and warm lining with a kind of fleece or loden. Now I don’t have to worry anymore about wet, cold feet and I’m looking forward to a splash in the next puddle.

By the way, almost all HARTJES designs are also available in intermediate sizes, e.g. 38/39 or 5.5. Furthermore with an exchangeable footrest and – for problem feet – also in different widths (I ordered my “model Sharky” in XS). No wonder, because the company not only looks back on 60 years of experience, but originally has an orthopedic background. Some models can also be worn with medical insoles without being visible. Trendy shoe design that does not affect foot health. The entire shoe encloses the foot respectively the ankle thanks to the lacing and is – nevertheless – still flexible, including the sole. Especially it’s the easy running incl. shock absorber, because you can roll up your foot well while walking. The specific model is also available in nubuck and four other colors.

But let’s go on, because todays major venue takes place at an unusual place – a coal power plant. Hmm, black is beautiful. A skipper friend of mine has moored with his freighter at this location to unload bunkered coal from Rotterdam. We haven’t met for more than a year now and I’m happy to meet the entire crew. The route is also not common, because I choose a ferry to across the river Rhine. Finally the cloudes open up a bit and yellowish stripes appear in the sky.

Exceptionally, I am allowed to enter the factory site after registration. Slowly I pass along gigantic industrial buildings, coal dumps and conveyor belts, cross a few train tracks and park in sight of the Rhine. The “Sjouwer” is supposed to be here at crane 6. I look at the water and I am lucky. The ship is moored only 150 meters further down along the river and there are no loading actvites going on. Despite the previous rain shower, there is a kind of coal granulate distributed by the wind in the entire area and it crunches under my feet. When I finally locate the stairway, some climbing is necessary to enter the ship. With my gift in one hand, I carefully grope my way down the stairs and jump on board with a big step. Uff, the mix of the ship’s oil paint and the coal dust is pretty slippery after the rainshower , but my non-slip soles offer enough grip even in this extreme situation. After another 50 meters along the tailborad, a warm “hello“ in Dutch-German language welcomes me among friends. However, ultimate rule „shoes off inside on board“, the entire bridge area has underfloor heating and is absolutely clean.

From the kitchen downstairs it smells seductively of exotic spices, because a sailor is cooking a dish from the Philippines. In another pot, pears simmer in red wine. Captain Folkert-Jan was also recently seen on TV because he and his ship were in the focus of a Dutch series.

Time flies by while chatting and I have to leave for my wellness appointment with somes friends.

When I get back home I realize that my shoes are very clean despite the mud path and coal dust; obviously everything runs off from them. I swap my pants for a skirt with curry-colored tights and straighten my swim bag. Of course, my new silver cork sandals are also included.

HARTJES does not call itself a climate saver, but only uses sustainable natural materials (with certificate) such as leather, lambskin, walkloden, natural rubber and cork in its production. More details can be viewed under: www.hartjes.at

I commute back and forth between whirlpool, sauna and swimming pool for two hours. With the “Breeze 2on my feet, always safe and warm without slipping, not least thanks to the velcro fastener and non-slip sole profile. The white sole also leaves no unpleasant stripes on light floors. Puhh, … time for a short rest and a nice cup of tea.

With soft sounds, I doze comfortably and new fashion trends pass by in my mind. In summer, a white or silver pleated skirt should also look stylish. And why not wear a red slipper on the left and a silver one on the right; to match with the gray bathrobe e.g. it could be combined with a red belt to add a color accent. …. Some laughter from the neighborhood takes me back to reality from my creative dreams.

You never know which fashion trends will pop up, but quality simply prevails. Incidentally, all HARTJES shoes have a logo or embossed stamp, as if they want to tell us “only genuine with this symbol – you have the honor”.

Yes, HARTJES shoes have its price, but there are often special offers. Just check the online-shop or take a look at the contract stores via shopfinder from time to time:  http://bit.ly/2w9RpkX

For all (shoe)-lovers – have a nice Valentines Day! 


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