… „backwards and downwards, but running“ … That is a german saying, which for us could also mean “forward and uphill”, because we have tested the Hartjes shoes up and down and were by no means squeamish.

We carried them through snow and rain just as we did at business meetings. But also through wellness temples, on the beach and at home. Our conclusion:

The quality of Hartjes simply stands everything. 

At the beginning of the year there was a separate post for the „HIKE“, which is really a runner for Petra and me for 24/7 and actually all year round, because in summer there are (still) colder days. The >Hike< really fullfills every requirement that can be placed on a shoe: high-quality workmanship, best material, comfort, lightness, great hold and last but not least also design, because: it not only allows shoe lovers to be stylish without leaving the foot comfort zone. No. Just all women who certainly want to walk on fashionable AND comfortable soles.  Anyone who has ever had the HIKE on the feet will certainly not give it back.  At least we don’t.







But our other shoe wonders have also done very well.

Apart from our common “HIKER LOVE”, the model “SHARKY” continues to be Petra’s favorite. She particularly raves about its convenience and its flexibility when travelling. So the Sharky was a valuable companion during the ski holidays as well as on the recent conference, because they always appear clean and are easy to take care off. And when they are not on the feet, the super light shoes do not burden the suitcase.

“Show your feet here, show your shoes there” … and I’ll tell you who you are. Especially when you meet someone for the first time, you want to make a good impression. However, the price of a shoe is not neccessarily the key-factor, but in particular the type and condition of our footwear. Worn-out shoes and run-down heels similar to sloppy clothes are often an indication of careless humans. People who do not choose their shoes according to the occasion are generally considered uninterested in what is happening. While people with well-groomd shoes are increasingly concerned about their external perception – just as we pay attention to hygiene and a carefully applied makeup.

According to further psycho-social studies, the selection of a respective type of shoe also allows conclusions of our personality. Women who e.g. wear elegant pumps in a job interview or during an important private event are attributed a high level of quality awareness and courage. Boots wearers (in combination with jeans) are assumed to have a certain strength and assertiveness. The same applies to fans of ankle booties and sneakers, because the wearer appreciates their visual diversity and various combination possibilities.

At this point we face a full circle, because full of enthusiasm for the hard-running Hartjes we are already curious about the shoe spring magic and allow ourselves a small preview of the fashion trends 2020. Enjoy the new combinations and strong looks with us.  Enjoy with us a few views on the top sellers and how we wear them in spring.  And best of all: we wear the comfortable SNEAKERS with EVERYTHING.  This applies not only to Hartjes shoe lovers, but to all fashionistas.

And here are our favorite combinations S/S 2020:






Thanks to Hartjes for this most >comfortable< cooperation. Love you to go foward lucky and with much more shoelovers 😊!


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