The new “Let’s Dance Series” has just started again and the ball season is in full swing. Especially we ladies like to dance, but often the right dance partner is missing. For celebrities it’s easy, they are simply provided a professional to enjoy dancing. If I remember far back, there were so-called “rental-dancers” on each British and Italian cruise ship. These men weren’t considered „gigolos“ who harras the women. Not at all, these well-chosen gentlemen were even paid by the tour operator to guarantee that single travelling ladies find a gallant evening accompaniment on board respectively have appropriate partners for dance classes available.

A quick internet research stated that this „species“  is obviously now available in many places such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and especially Vienna during the ballroom season. Here they call themselves “taxi dancers”.

Some of them have a dance school, others work full-time in completely different professions and just maintain a profitable hobby. If you can believe the individual websites, the selection criteria of these gentlemen as regards behaviour and intellect are quite high. Here are two randomly selected links:

Sometimes there are also “female taxi dancers” because also not every lady is born with a sense of rhythm.

I have not tried this type of “escort service” or a „professional dance accompaniment“ yet, but once I had hired a professional tango dancer for some individual training sessions before my trip to Argentina (cost per hour are about EURO 40.- to  60.-)

No matter if tango or waltz, the movement to music is in any case an ingenious means of calorie consumption.

A completely different „dance parquet“ is frozen ice. Regardless if we talk about ice sailing or ice skating. I prefer to do this in the great outdoors, especially since you can try out other sports-combinations on a frozen lake (this year, however, a scarce commodity), e.g. to be pulled by a paraglider with ice skates.

Or you can enjoy a ride through ice and snow with a dog / Inuit sledge or on an ice breaker. I have already tried both and would do it again at any time. By the way, clear transparent ice without bumps/ unevenness only arises when ice freezes slowly, evenly and by lasting cold temperatures  without the influence of wind.

Nevertheless be careful, if there is a thin layer of snow on the frozen surface, then the smooth looking “sliding parquet” may quickly become a trip hazard caused by frozen leaves and twigs on top. Of cause winterly lakes should only be entered after official approval by the authorities. It is also very nice to skate on the frozen channels  around the castles of Nymphenburg or Schleißheim in Munich. The ambience and views are simply terrific and in Nymphenburg is even a rental shop.

I love the cracking of the ice when the „Sampo“ or the „Kontio“ break up the packed ice with the bow. The dull, powerful rolling of the screws can then be clearly heard and the ship’s vibrations can be felt despite the slow drive. One thing, however, is for sure: a frozen water surface guarantees no swell, and therfore no sea-sickness. I could watch out for hours how ice crevices open around the ship and close again at the stern – depending on the drift and the strength of ice.

What you you should not miss is an ice-bath, more specifically a swim with one of the red survival suits (they keep amazingly warm and dry). All around is ice to touch, a mega fun that is also suitable for non-swimmers. Unfortunately, the day-trip pleasure is approx. EURO 400.- per person.

And finally, you can also have the „taxi run“ down the ice channel. Almost all bobsleigh tube operators now offer this adventure with experienced pilots on the towing ropes (e.g. in Berchtesgarden). I experienced such a ride once in Sigulda / Latvia. I have rarely been so surprised by physical strenghts, but at 80-100 kilometers per hour,  63 seconds become an eternity. Despite being placed in position 2 of a four-men-bob, the slipstream is low and the centrifugal forces in the curves enormous. Thankfully, in addition to the helmet, there was a protective cage installed above our heads so that the amplitude wasn’t excessively. Anyone who has ever done such a ride knows what I’m talking about.

The advantage of this sliding pleasure: the bobsleigh tracks are frozen by coolant tubes below/ inside the cement slope like an artificial ice rink and are therefore – even if natural cold does not appear – a real winter fun.

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Well, this was a short excursion on various slippy grounds and smooth floorsjust choose and enjoy yourself. Too late for this time? … next year is another winter.


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