Uff, all this cleaning; even my spring cleaning is still not completed and only recently the vacuum cleaning has ruined  my back/spine again. Maybe I should give it a try to test a robotic vacuum cleaner like the ZACO; after all, I was already the advertising ambassador in a ZACO imagefilm clip.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robotic_vacuum_cleaner

Thankfully, Robovox (formerly ILife) spontaneously provided me with a test device type V85  (this time I did no quality research on comparable devices in advance). However, meantime I found out that the company Robovox has already launched various models since 2015. Ideally, such a household helper should not only be able to vacuum, but also to wipe the floor.

But would technology and application be able to convince me? After all, such a device costs around EUR 190.- (average cost range between EUR 100.- and EUR 400.-). By accident I had told a Swiss friend about my shopping intension, whereupon he answered to use a robot vacuum cleaner since quite some time already and also has a roboter for  wiping the windows. Well, that’s what we call to keep up with technology.

Here we go. The handling is easy but you should read the operating instructions beforehand; especially since the device has to be charged for a few hours before the first use. Depending on the desired function, various parts must also be added and the correct program selected (delivery includes batteries). Apart from that, the device also has a programmable timer button so that it can also be activated from the distance  if required.

Basically there are four operating modes to choose from: In the “general cleaning mode”, the robotic vacuum cleaner navigates arbitrarily through the roomt, while in the “point cleaning mode” it concentrates on a certain area (eg working around in a circle). This ensures that hard-to-clean or heavily soiled surfaces receive more attention. In the “edge cleaning mode”  the robotic vacuum acts close to the edges of the walls, so that you get perfect clean corners and skirting boards (without this mode, the cleaner stays away approx. 4-5 centimeters from walls/ edges). This mode tells it to automatically find the next wall oft he room to be cleaned.

What it is able to do, you will find out over time and of course depends on the existing floor or apartment structure. The device can even tackle uneven floors with an incline of up to 15 percent/degrees and, thanks to its driving force and suction power, also manages carpet transitions of up to two centimeters. Would YOU LIKE TO SEE THE „little speedster“ IN ACTION ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxhJ9w7OR7w

A push of the button on the remote control is and it finds its way and scurries away. Thanks to the two fan brushes in the front area, it gropes consistently along edges and strips, and in fact sweeps corners as well. In terms of sound volume, it roughly corresponds to a powerful hair dryer (around 60 decibels) and because it is relatively flat, it can go almost anywhere.

My husband is absolutely thrilled, because it acts especially well in the office on smooth surfaces such as laminate. Every day, paper scraps fall on the floor while punching or pinning and the clients also bring in dirt and crumbs on a regulary basis. Not to mention the usual house dust or animal hair (of course all ZACOS have a fine dust filter).

You can also use the remote control to direct the ZACO in any direction. But no matter how: in the end it always makes “feep” and finds its way back to the dogging/ charging station. Yes, it is really fun to watch the clever helper at work. Technology wakes up some playing instinct: though it is also suitable to transport a drink through the room or is comuting back and forth while playing chess with sufficient distance in virus times.

In short: Compared to my conventional vacuum cleaner, the ZACO is in no way inferior on the floor. It has a running time of at least 2 hours, weighs just under 2.7 kilograms (incl. water tank) and does not need a paperbag. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate it about 8 points. I wouldn’t recommend it for deep-pile carpets, on stairs or furniture/ sofas. But all ZACO types look great from a visual point of view. No matter whether you choose the colors white, gold-bronze or taupe. Under “ZACO Skins” you can even acquire individual picture motifs.

Obviously I am not alone with this opinion, because in an actual product test of the magazine “Brigitte” the Robovox-ZACO is rated as a top-seller: https://www.brigitte.de/vergleich/staubsauger-roboter/

Incidentally, I would give 10 points if the device could also climb stairs in a controlled manner and sucks my cozy bedroom carpet – but THEY are probably working on it. I have not yet tried the wet wiping function (water container of 0.3 liters for approx. 150 square meters) or the function for heavily soiled grounds or spots on the velor floor. But I think that the extensive ZACO technology and the dimension work relief offers a very good price-performance-ratio (made in China, but EU label).

Of course, it is important to find the appropriate (autonomous) vacuum roboter for every apartment. If there are carpets, the suction power must be particularly high and the ability to master height differences and thresholds should also be sufficient. For example, if you have low furnitures and want to entrust the work to your vacuum robot, you need one of low height. Most of  the ZACO models are vacuum robots barely higher than seven centimeters (often pure vacuum robots are somewhat lower than wiping robots, since the water tank is not required). In apartments where there are many objects or cables lying on the floor, good sensors or obstacle detection is required. In addition, many models offer the option of creating „restricted zones“. This marks certain areas, such as a pet’s feeding place or a stairway (obstacle/ fall sensor) for the vacuum robot. In consequence it won’t clean there.

In my opinion one thing is very important: customer service and warranty services are handled by Robovox in Germany. In addition to the manual and operating instructions, further details can be found on the ZACO website; common questions and problems are also answered on this platform. For example how to deal with Wi-Fi connection or apps, removing hair from the cleaning brushes, sealing dripping water tanks etc. You can also contact support@zacorobot.eu by email or call the service hotline 00800-423 77 961. The postal address is: Robovox Distributions GmbH, Technical Support, Hamburger Straße 11, D – 45889 Gelsenkirchen, https://www.zacorobot.eu/koennen-wir-helfen/  (I think there is even an English version).

Since customer satisfaction seems to be an important criterion for Robovox, there is not only an in-house service hotline, but also various accessories can be (re) ordered, e.g. further microfiber cloths, additional side brushes, spare batteries etc. The European distributor Robovox is also available at: hello@zacorobot.eu

Click here for the shop page: https://shop.zacorobot.eu/?_ga=2.214509079.124558218.1584634448-422264482.1583175364

Of course, the ZACOS are available on many sales platforms. Just have a look if necessary. Well, I am looking forward to the next cleaning date … and above all: if you are in bad health, a vacuum robot keeps the household on track without major efforts. Finally one more TIP:

In Corona times and home office I wiped the dust ON my wardrobe which I hadn’t done at least for a year. Clearly spoken: my flexible all-round helper did it for me within five minutes. I wish I had done a video how the device purred back and forth like a kitten thanks to the remote control on my 2.40-meter-high board (approx. three square meters of space). It perfectly stopped at the fall edge and thus reached places where I would not normally get to . The result: a dirt box (transparent) full of dust rolls, but a clean control rag/ wardrobe top.


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