The Corona crisis is still paralyzing an unhindered travel pleasure, but dreaming and, above all, planning for the future is of course allowed.

The Swedish capital STOCKHOLM is particularly easy to explore on foot or from the water. If you want to get to know the city from above, you can book a balloon trip or go on a special tour that offers a certain thrill. At least for those who are free from vertigo, hikes across Stockholm’s rooftops are offered. However, such a tour is by no means a dangerous action;  safety of all participants has priority.

Well secured by ropes and helmets the participants climb up in small groups ( max. 10 participants) and are led by experienced guides with excellent local knowledge. In other words the roof hiking thus combines historical information with wonderful views and an experience you’ll never forget. Sometimes you feel a little like the legendary character “Karlsson on the roof” by Astrid Lindgren. Each tour lasts about an 1.5 hours and begins on the roof of the old parliament building on the island of Riddarsholmen, immediately adjacent to Stockholm’s old town called “Gamla Stan”. You don’t need alpinistic skills to successfully complete the roof top tour (only takes place in good weather conditions), an average physical condition and sportshoes are sufficient.

This tour is very popular and should be booked in time. Where else to meet a chimney sweeper or watch roofers at work.

Above the roofs of PARIS – experience the city of love from above!

Paris certainly has one of the most beautiful silhouettes among the many European cities. This is certainly due to the high-rise buildings of La Défense, the dome of the Invalid and Montmartre. The classic variant for a view over Paris of course remains the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel, 300 meters). It was only last autumn that I could enjoy this view. Especially I like the view towards the Trocadero, but also across the Martian field towards the military academy. You can find more information at For those who want to stand over the rooftops of Paris but don’t want to queue in lines in front of the Eiffel Tower, here are some other possibilities:

The first alternative is the Tour Montparnasse (210 meters).  From this skyscraper you have a 360 degree all-round view over Paris. The elevator takes you to the 56th floor, the last steps to the viewing terrace must be done on foot. The entry fee is around €uro 17.- p.p.

Another very nice view over the classic roofs of Paris can be enjoyed from the roof of the „Galeries Lafayette“ on Blvd. Haussmann.

So, if you’ve made it to pass the seductive displays of luxury items on the lower floors, take one of the historic elevators (or escalators) onto the top floor. Passing by the cafeteria/ restaurant, you will also find the stairs to the roof terrace. Two things are particularly positive: the great view is for free and the fantastic historic building of the Opéra Garnier right in the opposite.

For many Paris visitors a “must” is of course the “ascent” of Montmartre. From the steps below the church Sacré Coeur you have the most famous and filmed view of the city. Anyone who is “exhausted” from the ascent can drive down the mountain with the “Funiculaire” (mountain railway). The mountain station is just below the Sacré Coeur stairs.

Attention: In many travel guides it is still stated that you may enter onto the rooftop of the new triumphal arch “Grande Arche” in the district of La Défencee. This is definitely not possible anymore for visitors. But you may do so in case of  the “old” triumphal arch (50 meters) on the Champs Elysee.

It will be interesting to see if and or how the “Grand Nation” will celebrate the national holiday on July 14th in 2020. Without the two-hour defile on the Champs (more than 4 kilometers long) it is unimaginable. This year we actually wanted to experience this spectacle live, but….

Similar to Stockholm, you may also experience MUNICH from a bird’s eye view in a very special way.  The almost 2-hour roof tour over the Olympic site in Munich is simply terrific. Here too, two accompanying guides carefully check that the climbing harnesses are put on correctly and so on. After securing and releasing the safety rope several times during the tour and ascending/ descending on the swinging plexiglass roof with a spider web structure, you feel free like a bird and hardly notice the height. From up here everything looks small and in distance, including the Olympic Stadium right below you. By the way, the major pylons are up to 80 meters high, the tent roof extends over around 22,000 squaremeters and consists of 6,800 individually shaped plexiglass panels.  More at:

So, if you feel like doing something different, the way up is always worthwhile. The starting point is the cash entrance at Coubertin-Platz. If you want, you can also fly over the facility by zip line (Tyrolia). Link:

If you’re lucky, even a zeppelin will pass by as an extra. Lift-off for the airship is the regional  airport Munich-Oberschließheim.

Fly, dream and feel the wind … so close to heaven.


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