Money, money, oh yes. At the moment, some industries and trades really have a hard time and will be disadvantaged for years, at least months. We are often curious to know what others earn in their jobs, but we become rather reluctant to provide information about our own incomes. In particular in showbiz, fees are a well kept secret. Nevertheless sometimes information about moderators and actors salaries leak through. According to a TV magazine and certain agencies, the salaries of some well-known TV series are as follows:

The female candidates of “Farmers looking for wifes” receive EURO 150.– per shooting day, the farmers approx. EURO 3.000.- per week
The “Bachelor” earns about EUR 70,000.- per show, each candidate around EUR 4,000.-
Candidates get a lump-sum of EURO 300.- per live performance participating at “The Voice of Germany”
RTL pays its (celebrity)jungle campers” an extra bonus of EUR 10,000.- if they divulge intimate details
Let ‘Dance Presenter” S. Meis once received EURO 2,000,000 per year
EURO 1.200.000.- are granted to jury boss Dieter Bohlen for a season of “Germany’s next Superstar”
Model mother Heidi Klum earns about EURO 8,000.000.- for her 28 days series of “Germany’s Next Top Model”

… and so on … At this point, everyone may reflect about his/ her personal ranking respectively calculate which category to belong to.

But what is surely surprising is the situation in the German acting industry, according to a recent article on GMX. High fees of around EUR 200,000.- per episode (like the “Tatort” crime duo Liefers/ Prahl) are rather the exception. Most can hardly make a living from their profession, and in consequence not save any money for retirement. Therefore also “veteran-actors” like H. Janson or E. Weisgerber only receive a small pension. No wonder that they are still on stage and in front of the camera even in old ages.

Heinrich Schafmeister as board member of the “Federal Actors Association” (BFFS) knows to report that 55 percent of the 15,000 registered actors have an annual income of less than EUR 20,000.- According to the collective agreement, the starting salary amounts to approximately EURO 900.- per shooting day. Experienced mimes depending on leading or supporters roles in ARD / ZDF series reach around EUR 2,000.- a day. At first glance this sounds a lot, but you have to consider the fact that due to the high number of competitors, many of them only shoot five days a year.

Even the stars of an evening series like the SOKO, do not earn more than EURO 2,500.- per day. Somehow impressive appear the fees payed for soap operas, because depending on the role you are supposed to earn up to EUR 10,000.- a month. The regularity and long-term nature of these jobs are worthwhile an attention.

The originally more lucrative movie industry is no longer as profitable. Surprisingly, children’s films and comedies are exceptions if they are occupied by “audience darlings” like T. Schweiger, E. M’Barek or M. Schweighöfer. An average actor hardly has a chance to get such a role. Since most German cinema productions only reach a small audience and are equipped with a comparatively small budget, here too, no more than approx. EURO 1,000.- per recording day.

Finally, a few more examples on (average gross) monthly salaries (according to my research/ best knowledge and belief):

  • Chancellor / EURO 30,000.-
  • Chief judge at the district court / EURO 6,000.-
  • University professor / EURO 5,000.-
  • Senior pilot / EURO 19,000 .- / co-pilot approx.EUR 5,500.-
  • Dentist / EURO 13,000.-
  • Pharmacist (in the pharmaceutical industry) / EURO 9,000.-
  • Goalkeeper M. Neuer (without advertising) / EURO 900,000.-
  • Handball player U. Gensheimer / EURO 4,000.-

The current standard rate of basic social income for singles reads EURO 416.- (plus an extra for rental expenses and health insurance)

The salaries and bonuses of the DAX board members and the bank bosses are particularly exorbitant and not very transparent.

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