“The world is still upside down”. What was not in short supply a few months or weeks ago due to the Corona braekout: initially face masks, then toilet paper and finally hairdressing and cosmetic appointments. Since many SPAs and wellness facilities are still closed or run on limited capacities, the daily treatment of body and skin at home is more than crucial/ essential.

Or just try the following:  HAVE YOUR  “Beauty-Favourites” DIRECTLY SENT TO YOUR PLACE OF VACATION. THIS IS NOT ONLY PRACTICAL AS REGARDS TRANSPORT; MAKING YOURSELF A PRESENT ALWAYS CREATES A GOOD MOOD. My handsome delivery somehow saved me, because the skin especially needs an enriched “sommer-sun” treatment. In case of an ASAM ® online order this has worked perfectly. All year round but especially in summer, the skin needs comprehensive care as regards moisture, tightening of  contours, resilience and elasticity. I will stick to the magic words:  hyaluron and collagen. Conventional, but newly improved, M. ASAM ® has just launched a new collagen lift product line for the skin beyond 30:

The highly effective COLLAGEN anti-aging formula of this skin care line is characterized by an enrichment of white lupine extract (vegetable collagen booster) as well as soy isoflavones and plum seed oil. All three are extremely important for maintaining the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. The natural collagen synthesis in the epidermis is stimulated by protein activation and the supporting skin matrix is ​​restructured down into the depths (the epidermis). Since I have a narrow face, my skin care series should support my facial contours and possibly optimize my cheek volume. And despite its effectiveness, a pleasant fragrance experience is always important to me.

Here is some more information and personal experience (p/ see below) about this  “24 hour Skincare- Program”:

COLLAGEN LIFT 24H Creme.  The light cream tightens and moisturizes all day around. After about two weeks, the facial contours feel firmer and to a certain extent redefined.

  • Skin strengthening and firming texture
  • Prevents collagen loss
  • Provides resilience and definition
  • With lily extract, shea butter, jojoba and plum seed oil
100 ml / 29.75 Euros

COLLAGEN LIFT concentrate . The highly dosed and moisturizing ingredient concentrate activates the natural collagen and elastin synthesis of the skin in a sustainable way in favor of a firm complexion.

  • Vegetable collagen booster with soy isoflavones and copper complex
  • Triple beauty booster minimizes lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes the skin for 24 hours
  • Luxury treatment with organic rose water and black orchid
30 ml / 29.75 Euros (99.17 € / 100 ml)

COLLAGEN LIFT Serum.  The intensely stimulating care serum promotes the collagen synthesis and acts like a fountain of youth from the first application. The light formulation is quickly absorbed and supports the skin’s own collagen composition.

  • Improves collagen quality and structure
  • More resilience, elasticity and improved skin density
  • With moisturizing hyaluronic acid for an optimal complexion
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment with paracress extract
100 ml / 34.75 Euros

COLLAGEN LIFT Eye Cream.  This beautifying eye cream is also based on the vegetable collagen booster made of white lupine and soy isoflavones and restructures/ supports the structure of fine skin. After a short time/ only few application, the sensitive eye area looks fresher and more radiant.

  • Reduces wrinkles and dark circles
  • Improves the elasticity and elasticity of the skin
  • Supports the collagen structure in the epidermis
  • Minimizes eye shadows/ circles with shea butter, caffeine, chestnut blossom and magnolia extract
30 ml / 19.75 Euros (65.83 € / 100 ml)

Ready to watch a mini-sequence? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=19&v=n_-VBFGB2ZA&feature=emb_logo

Of course, each product can also be used individually and combined with any usual previous skin care. So, there is nothing good unless you do it… just choose and give it a try. For three weeks I‘ve intensively tested the 24-hours creme and the serum. Both products convinced in their ways:

  • the productive SERUM because the indigent skin soaks it up like a sponge. After application, I like to tap in such fluids (and other care substances) with my fingertips for a minute, which supports blood circulation and activates the facial muscles. The better the small “trampoline effect”, the more you can realize a tightening effect. https://www.asambeauty.com/masam-collagen-lift-serum-42300.html
  • the FACE CREAM, because upon application it forms a nutritious white film, which is quickly absorbed when massaged in and “does its job” under the skin. Even the slight greasy shine disappears by itself after 1-2 minutes and you can easily apply the usual makeup. In the evening I just add a little more to generate a kind of mask. Of course, décolleté, arms and hands are also happy to receive some pats from time to time.

However, it certainly seems necessary to furtheron keep distance in public spaces, but the beneficial and nourishing substances of skincare need to be applied very close, directly on the skin. Just make it your personal restart  … https://www.asambeauty.com/


Top photo: A. Bob/ P. Fritz

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