There is always something to discover in Hamburgeven in Corona times. Historic ships such as the “Cap San Diego”, the “Rickmer Rickmers” (a three-masted ship) or the old lightship “Elbe 3” can be visited in the Övelgönne habour museum. Some modern cruise liners, however, so far are still involuntarily put on chain or undergo an early renovation in order to bridge the time without passengers.

A real treat awaits the friends of sailing in autumn / September this year. Then, after four decades in exile in the US, the stately four-masted barque “Beijing” returns to Germany in its home port Hamburg. She is one of the eight so-called Flying P-class sister ships built between 1903 and 1926: Pangani, Petschili, Pamir, Passat, Beijing, Pola, Priwal and Padua (today the Russian Krusenstern). All of them are historical cargo sailors, of which only the  “Beijing”, the “Passat” (located in Travemünde as a museum ship) and the “Padua” have survived. All others were already doomed before 1960, i.e. have burned, sunk or stranded on the other end of the world. The moorings will be in the Hansa harbor right next to the museum harbor.


And – finally – the “Elphi” (Elb-Philharmony) – the new concert palace is still closed at least until September/ October, but the so-called plaza half way up is open and accessible for free. A great view, well. …

BUT the special exhibition “Untold Stories” by star photographer Peter Lindbergh is really an impressive highlight!!

Less than a year after his unexpected death in New York at the age of 74 (born in 1944), the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg is presenting his only self-curated (!) exhibition of his work which can be visited till November 1. He had all the famous ones in front of the camera and the world loved his subtly erotic and sometimes provocative black and white photographs.

Top MODELS, like the naked Karen Elson, who wraps herself artistically around her, covering her nakedness. Kate Moss with a sensual look, casually holding a half-burned cigarette. Claudia Schiffer with her blonde lion mane, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista etc. But also ARTISTS like Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Rampling, Uma Thurman or Jessica Castaign – people who were close to him.

Most of the roughly 140 pictures appeared at the time in renowned magazines such as “Vogue”, “Vanity Fair” or “Harper’s Bazaar”.  According to the exhibition organizers, Lindbergh indeed selected these works himself over a period of two years and arranged them piece be piece.

Very seldom he had shootings with male candidates, but if he did so, the result speaks for himself.

The staircase alone is pompous and the red lip sofa on the ground floor is a real eye-catcher. In my opinion, the unified, simple framing and thematic selection mode in the large rooms looks great.

A very special moment, however, is the almost 30-minute video installation (recorded  through a mirror without any cut) of the face of Elmer Caroll, a murderer sentenced to death in Florida in 1990. In addition, an entire photo room is dedicated to him. It was only in May 2013, a few weeks after this “cinematic testament”, that the verdict was carried out by a lethal injection.

Between 2011 and 2014, Lindbergh had dealed intensively on the question of guilt and atonement respectively the death penalty and analyzed around 300 US court cases. “Isn’t every human being born innocent in this world?” … what circumstances can trigger such violent acts …? “

The photographer grew up in Duisburg and was actually named Peter Brodbeck. Lindbergh’s compilation from the early 1980s till the presence, allows an in-depth look at his extensive oeuvre and invites to discover many unknown stories. According to the exhibition catalog, the exhibition is Lindbergh’s personal statement about his work: “When I first saw my photos on the wall in the exhibition halls, I was terrified, but also positive. It was overwhelming to see who I was or better I am in this genre. ” Some of the photos that can be seen in the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg (MK&G) have never been shown or published before.

If you want to know more about the exhibition, you can read about it by clicking the following English link:


Anyway, speaking of arts, where else than in Hamburg, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Reeperbahn you could find the “Erotic Art Museum”. From the outside it looks rather inconspicuous but follows the motto “small but nice”;  unexpected treasures and “sexy historical toys” can be identified. Such as a monumental painting of “Domenica“, probably the most prominent prostitutes of her time

and an original door from the “Star-Club“, where the Beatles celebrated the first great success in 1960. Now and then a real „neighborhood promi“ stops by, live performances or vernissages (currently Egon Schiele Remixed) are published by conference calls or livestream. The museum director currently offers personal  guidance through the scenario (right now 2 people max). “The Reverend” is a true St. Pauli insider (who also offers tours) and always has some smugly stories on his lips. No answer is left open

So … come on and enjoy the visits


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