(Abstract) You hear it again and again in our public media that Germany has so far got through the Corona crisis so lightly.

Is that really correct apart from major structural changes and economic deficits? Could be the case for now, but isn’t it much more a question of duration or timing in the long-run? If so, an endless dragging out of the pandemic including restrictions would be a highly unpleasant consequence. Because physicians know the fact that without a certain overall infection rate of 50-60% (we are currently estimated to be 2-5 %) there is no foreseeable end in sight and there will be no tailored, safe VACCINE short term. Research into a vaccine/ active ingredient against SARS (which is Covid-19 considered to be) has been researched for years without success. Realistically, however, we are far from a breakthrough. The known antiviral drugs have not yet shown the desired success either.

I can only advise to listen to the immediate words of the virologists like Dr. Drosten or his colleagues via podcast and not exclusively to the interpretations of our politicians, who often draw their own opportune conclusions from it. Just think of  the 14-days-quarantine which suddenly is reduced to 10 days – even if the virologist states an infection time of 7-8 days.

Just recently in mid-August I had a sobering conversation with a female physician in Hamburg. She predicts a wave of illnesses among vaccinated people approaching the health system, especially due to hasty vaccination. “This will be accepted so that there is finally something to be treated and money to be earned. After all, the German state holds an average of up to 20% in German pharmaceutical companies. This requires a certain return on investment and  the sale of conventional flu vaccines that have been available for a long time … etc. ” So such shortterm vaccination measures sound more like a trust-building than a carefully considered health measure.

In addition, she also complained about the new “spy behavior” or DENUNCIENCE among colleagues and self-proclaimed “do-gooders” in the neighborhood. This aspect also shows that Corona does not only produce helpful, singing balcony communities.

And if there is a constant talk of improving the HEALTH SYSTEM and strengthening the health authorities, that only shows that there is a need that has been ignored or sacrified to money saving investments.- Corona or not!  One can only hope that none of this will come true, although there are already plannings of a general school child vaccination, etc. (Remark: I personally trust in scientic medicine and I am not an vaccination-opponent.

Already in April, World Doctors President F.U. Montgomery stated to the “Rheinische Post”: “I myself wear a mask just for courtesy and solidarity, a legal obligation is wrong. Whoever wears a mask feels safe and forgets the crucial minimum distance. If not used improperly, masks can become even dangerous. The virus is concentrated in the fabric, you touch the skin of your face when you touch the mask and you get infected even faster. ” From his point of view, there should only be a requirement for real protective masks (to which ordinary people hardly have access). For wearing scarves, kerchiefs and everyday masks (which are often worn wrong anyway) it is ridiculous…. but what to do against the competition of federal state politicians with rational arguments? “

I therefore only wear a mask when I have to (and do not sneeze into it) and in respect for people who may have other chronic health problems. For example, NOT generally in front of people over 60 who are compulsorily turned into a risk group. Not to mention being locked away in senior residences  and the strange behaviors going on in our schools. That’s a topic in itself.

Who always knows in advance what is right and wrong? If in doubt, I ask a physicians before each procedure or any medication prescription whether he/ she would prescribe it to him/herself or recommend it to the mother. Take the test and in many cases you will notice hesitation ….

So an horror-scenario with foreseeable end? You hardly hear anything from other European nations such as Sweden or the Netherlands (which mostly preferred strategies such as open borders without closings). Instead, the evening news more and more talk about the USA (with known unstable health insurance system) or even India and Brazil, which have 10-12 times more inhabitants than Germany. If I want to be informed as neutrally as possible, I tune in to ARTE and/ or the ZIB news in 3Sat in the evening. Often you notice quite different statements and perspectives.

Whatever, in principle only a three-year-average statistics will show if many more people have died in correlation with Corona compared to previous years. And here I agree with many medical professionals: probably or, thank God, only very few! BUT what drives me much more:

So far in 2020 around 9,340 people have died of Covid-19 in Germany (as of RKI 04.09.). But it is also FACT that around 600,000 Germans are infected with so-called HOSPITAL GERMS (mostly clostridia, MRSA) and, according to the RKI (11/2019), between 10,000 to 20,000 patients ANNUALLY have been dying from it since years. Considerring that these are officially reported numbers, experts assume an estimated number of unreported cases of up to 30,000 – a frightening circumstance. Usually the relatives get no information about this. I’ve seen it all myself several times. No, our hospital medicine is obviously not the non-plus-ultra !!! as often stated. https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/infektiven-101.html#:~:text=In%20Deutschland%20endet%20es%20nach,10.000%20bis%2020.000%20pro%20jahr.

Interestingly, a Europe-wide study (from 2015) shows that the mortality rate from resistant germs in Italy is also extremely high and is thus far ahead of all other countries. No wonder or at least some explanation for the high corona numbers. In fact, the Netherlands have a much lower infection rate of multi-resistant germs (only 1%) than Germany (11%).  https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/antibiotika-keime-resistent-101.html

Despite extensive research, around 239,000 (according to the Federal Statistical Office 2018) people die of CANCER every year. All this is somehow accepted and hartly anybody talks about it. https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/172573/umfrage/krebstote-in-deutschland/

If Federal President Steinmeier is now suggesting a memorial day for corona victims, shouldn’t there be one for these above mentioned deceased as well/ long ago?

Actually, I wanted to stay away from public Corona discussions, but I increasingly dislike the developping direction of our government representatives before the election year. Especially when information about laws and regulations is only half-heartedly quoted / disseminated. There was/ is no curfew in the “lockdown”, as it has been suggested. And an appeal is neither a recommendation nor an obligation.

And no, you don’t have to go into quarantine, e.g. if you have spent a weekend or a day in France. According to the 10th Rhineland-Palatinate state corona ordinance, this only applies for stays of more than 72 hours. For me omitting it, also a kind of false report (= fake news.) In my opinion, even fact-based critics have recently been prematurely referred to as ignorant, right-wing radical, populistic or corona deniers. Just because you use a different (comprehensible) factual situation on certain topics, you are neither a disobedient of “angry citizen“; and  as a follower of a demonstration next to hippies, Reich citizens & co, you are far from a questionable, democratic human subject.

Since months, courts discard  many “regulatory proposals” every day such as mask fines, compulsory tests or opening restrictions, etc. but rarely you hear about this.

Anyway, what is terrifying for me is the almost indifferent acceptance of a „new normal“. No, nothing is normal, because you can see what it does to people in all their superiority and inferiority. After only five months, many citizens appear to me as a frightened bunch of people who, instead of recover in light, air, sun and sea to strengthen the pituitary gland and the immune system, remain inactive/ depressed at home and only hesitantly enter  shop/ visit cutural events. Yes, riding a bike and trotting through the forest with a mask is  crazy nonsense !


It is also noticeable that foreign HOLIDAY REGIONS always move into the risk focus when a new holiday season is imminent. In my opinion, this (consciously) stirs up uncertainty against certain foreign countries, specifically threatens with quarantine measures and implies a guilt syndrome. According to the ZIB news of Sept 5th, e.g. Croatia has only half the number of infected people like Austria, which is on par with us in relation to the number of inhabitants. Even so all shops and institutions are opend since weeks without mask requirement. Even the Salzburg Festival and many other cultural events take place with some distance regulation. However, the Corona-mortality rate in Austria vs. Germany is significantly lower (p/ see atteched chart). The data of Croatia are even better. So life with most of our neighbor countries is by no means more dangerous! This is obviously primarily intended to boost German tourism and consumption.

The often stated CORONA CHAIN ​​PURSUIT is only rarely possible for many different reasons and may rather create a certain sense of safety/ security feeling among the people. Hopefully there will be no data abuse or address manipulation in the long run; not to mention further data leagues like it happened at the end of July on the Bavarian border.

The topic CORONA APP I don’t even want to comment at all. I don’t have a smartphone and I don’t live in China as a transparent citizen. In my age I am also not a lemming who is good enough to go to work every day, but otherwise needs guidance on “what life is like or has to be”.

The number of infections is increasing, the number is decreasing. What does that mean anyway? For me it is primarily an indication of how much is being tested. But what is actually the result of testing and reporting? Antibody evidance (healed people with no symptoms) or actually actively virulent patients? etc. etc.

Corona will not go away by washing hands, wearing masks, closing schools, etc., because it is meantime known that a certain percentage of infected/ recovered people show neither positive reports nor antibodies during the test. Nature is not that easy to outsmart. And another group, despite having had the disease, does not form antibodies and can become ill again.

Of course it is up to everyone how to define democracy and how to deal with the prevailing situation, but one or the other aspect of  the above text should be worth considering.

CoronissimaThough it’s madness, it’s method? … Stay healthy, critical and ACTIVE – without fear of life!


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