.. when the grass is also bride and green at home? Sometimes this statement is really true.

This saying has certainly gained importance in the (first) Corona year. Of course there are locations nearby and abroad that are so unique that you don’t want to miss them and  whose particular scenery can be recognized immediately watching a photo. Traveling and experiencing foreign cultures has been very important to me since childhood and sometimes I just have to “get out” for a „change of wallpapers“. Then I want to smell pine trees, taste salty waters, climb on craggy rocks or listen to the cicadas while enjoying an exotic dinner.

Everyone of us for sure has his/ her own favorite pictures of those places in mind,… kind of „head cinema“ as some variety for in between. Here are my “escape locations” of  the past three weeks: And … no, I wasn’t in Tuscany, not in the Provence, not in Tunisia, and not in romantic Flanders.

I just had a 35-kilometer radius look around my hometown Speyer, located close to the Palatinate Wine Route near Bad Dürkheim.

Of course, this southern European heritage is no coincidence: In the course of their conquests, the Romans advanced to the Upper Rhine over 2000 years ago in order to push back the Germanic tribes. As a result, the Palatinate had been residents of the Roman Empire since Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. When the Germanic provinces on the Rhine were settled, the Roman legionaries brought their culture and traditions with them. Many native plants such as the chestnut and walnut were once imported from Italy. The most influential import, however, were the grapes which initiated the cultivation of the meantime world-wide  popular Palatinate vine reputation..

This is only a small random selection of interesting places in the Palatinate. So, carpe diem. Anyone who wants to go on an exciting journey through time and visit the locations shown, will find further information on the Internet under the following keywords:

Roman villa/ Roman winery Kallstadt

Lavender fields at Klostermühle Edenkoben

Hotel garden Meurer Grosskarlbach

Limburg castle ruins

Kriemhildenstuhl quarry

Binshof Therme Speyer

Wine village Friedelsheim

Incidentally, the largest barrel in the world has been constructed in Bad Dürkheim already in 1934. It was built from 200 Black Forest firs respectively  178 barrel staves, each 15 meters in length. It would have room for 1.7 million liters of wine, considerring its 13.5 meters in diameter. Liquids, however, are only stored in small quantities, because from the start it resides a restaurant which offers 150 seats and focuses on regional specialties.


Last but not least: Just ike every year, the election of the German Wine Queen is currently taking place in Neustadt/ wine street. I was present during the elections three years ago. Therefore I can only state my respect for the candidates’ expertise and quick-wittedness. Cheerio Palatinate!


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