It was only three weeks ago and certainly a lucky coincidence that I got to know AIVIN BLEICH and her fashion label “BLUSHstories. This time and in a second story part, we’ll give her the opportunity to present herself while talking from the „sewing-box“/ about details from an insiders point of view. Why we do so? This young woman not only has what it takes to become successful, above all she has courage and a contemporary concept (only a German version).

The Berlin fashion designer – who was exclusively fotographed during her work by Johanna Karlotta Ober – would like more appreciation for fashion and clothing at least the way she works. In her opinion, this includes recognition for quality in terms of material and workmanship, as well as durability.

Before studying fashion, she completed an apprenticeship as a tailor at the international underwear manufacturer Triumph. “Our training took place under very pleasant conditions, without time pressure and with appropriate remuneration. Unfortunately, things look different in real life: there are jobs for tailors, but the wages are low. After graduation, you  have to make your way through unpaid internships in order to gain work experience“. Caused by frustration and limited financial perspectives upon graduation, she had to spent time in other industries, gained professional and life experience, and tried to find her way to overcome this situation.

Of course she had not lost her passion for creating fashion: She now creates LOUNGE and LEISUREWEAR under her own label BLUSH stories: “During my studies, I noticed how much fun it was to make something new out of ‘old’ or redesign already processed pieces of clothing. With my UPCYCLING PIECES I want to show what is possible. This creates collector’s items with a very special focus on the needs of the customers in order to reflect the personal taste “. She is reluctant to buy something extra: “Getting along with what you already have, makes you incredibly creative and inventive, because I am constantly looking for solutions to a certain need. If e.g. it’s about using a fastener on a pair of pants or a jacket even though I don’t have a zipper on hand. There have been times when the fabric wasn’t enough and I had to cut the pattern in pieces so that I could use smaller pieces of fabric. You have to remain flexible and open to deviate from conventional processing respectively open for improvision. ” Her current favorite is a college-style jacket made of fabric, for which she has untied one of her coats and carefully refurbished it. The seams are deliberately processed outwards with golden fringes in between in some places. The lining is a combination of different cotton fabrics, including a floral pillowcase of her grandma and a floral printed tablecloth from her mother. A five-part ensemble, partly embroidered with pearls and  inspired by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​is emblazoned on the back side. “The jacket not only reflects my taste and personality, it also contains personal memories. That is what makes my creations so special, unique and unmistakable. “

A college-style jacket starts at € 300, while trousers start at € 150. “There is many artistic dedication, care and time involved, and the customer should get a feeling for that as well.” Doing so, she seeks a personal exchange with her customers, wants to capture people with their preferences and needs. The manufactured parts should accompany the wearer as long as possible; Aivin guarantees this issue through excellent workmanship and the individual personal touch.

In addition to her studio work, she also writes about the various topics of fashion and society in her blog and in this way offers concrete solutions for more sustainable fashion consumption.

In order to give us “Topagemodels” a true experience of their fashion, she has dressed us  “BLUSHlike” for the catwalk:

RENATE wears a wide-cut college-style jacket made of colorful lurex with a contrasting collar, shoulder yokes and welt pockets. The cuffs on the sleeves and the hem are gathered and adjustable in width. The front fastener consists of jeans buttons, the lining of medium-weight, elastic material. All fabrics are made from very small stocks.

The silver-blue coat with double-stitched sleeves, box pleat and yoke on the back also shows  a mix of materials and golden fringes. Collar and welt pockets stand out in color. The coat-model is slightly flared and closes with a zipper.The cuffs on the sleeves and the hem are gathered and adjustable in width.

PETRA wears a colorful combination, consisting of a talled/ fitted robe with an integrated belt and 2-colored stretch pants with straight legs. The robe with a shawl collar and side pockets is made up of various, partly elastic fabrics and includes, among other things, traditional woven fabrics from Guatemala. The trousers continue the color blocking style of the robe and impress with their comfortable waistband without any closure or border. The selvedges on the side seams are embellished while the hem is finished with blind stitch.

The unisex twin set consists of checked trousers with side pockets and piped back pockets. The waistband is made of contrasting jacquard fabric with an Asian design; along with it goes a matching scarf with integrated piped pockets. The figure-hugging, navy blue pullover shirt with a draped collar and long sleeves with thumb holes, its hem is rounded and decorated with convenient snaps at the front.

Anyway, I fell in love with her creations right away, because they not only look stylish, but are also so wonderfully practical and comfortable.

More about OUR everyday experiences with the master pieces and many more details can be viewed in the second part of „BLUSH stories“.

However, if you want to know more about Aivin’s passionate craftsmanship right away, you can watch her in action while untieing a coat or experience how to quickly find your personal favorite piece and how to get involved in its manufacturing process.

Of course, Aivin can also be reached by email:  or via Facebook


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