This credo of the young fashion designer Aivin Bleich sounds somehow philosophical  and it leaves room for various interpretations. Living in the 21st century, don’t we have to ensure durability and doesn’t an increasing globalization require increased individuality and the creation of free spaces in return?

Opening up an own business in such times means to burn for a profession and to be convinced of what you are doing – now or never; Corona or not. The young Berliner dares to take this step. She has already been presented in a first short portrait on TAM.

Today here is much more information and photowork of her designs and our very personal statements about them.

RENATE brings it straight to the point under the hashtag #duentscheidest/ #youdecide – What you have. What and how much you buy.  The decision is yours. You can take part. Or just leave it. But you can also #andereWegegehen/ #searchfor otherways, like Aivin Lilli Bleich is living them. She stands for value orientation in the clothing industry and not just there, but in general life. Sustainability has meanwhile become a buzzword and many people like to adorn themselves with it. But Aivin lives and loves this maxim in their purest form with great passion. She wants to have us a  critical look at our buying behavior. For example, the fact that 46% of the clothes ordered online are returned. In one of her blog articles, she describes in detail the effects and consequences – on production, the environment and trade.

Aivin is a pioneer in rethinking. Her motto: I’ll give you what you need once you ask me to do so. This means that the piece of clothing you want is only made when you need/ oder it. Handcrafted centimeter by centimeter in her Berlin studio. Just for you and according to your measurements. Impressively beautiful individual pieces. She prefers to create the new from the existing. In other words, she tailors your new favorite piece for you from materials that have already been processed, leftovers or fabrics from unworn clothing. Upcycling at its best. Her concept applies not only to clothing, but also to a colorful range of fine accessories.

In terms of design, Aivin also gives her creations a very own, special touch. Timeless, modern, extravagant – simply really beautiful and not at all mainstream. Pieces are made to become your favorite pieces and will always make your outfit an individual and personal statement. Probably everyone will ask you: “Where did you get that from?”

The perfect example of what I was allowed to photograph for Aivin. Namely a wide-cut college-style jacket made of brightly colored lurex with a contrasting collar, shoulder yoke and welt pockets. The cuffs on the sleeves and the hem are gathered and adjustable in width. Jeans buttons are used for the front closure. The lining is made of medium-weight, elastic material. All fabrics are made from very small stocks. The silver-blue coat with double-stitched sleeves, box pleat and yoke on the back also comes in a mix of materials and golden fringes. Collar and welt pockets stand out in color. The model is slightly flared and closes with a zipper. I can only say: WOW. The both pieces are really different, unusual and pleasing; my husband was also totally enthusiastic!

Together with her customers, Aivin would like to give her contribution to avoid overproduction and storage. With her design something unmistakable arises, a kind of fashion revolution we actually need.

I, PETRA, as a longtime upcycling fan and hobby tailor can only agree to Renates opinion and I am enthusiastic about the cuts and quality of the styles Aivin selected for me. She has thus intuitively exactly met my taste in every respect and my benchmark is very high indeed.

#Variability. The combinability with my fashion stock is absolutely amazing. Be it in terms of the elegant robe/jacket or the distinctive trouser suit, as well as the blue-checked leisure suit.

The particular waisted robe with shawl collar, side pockets and integrated belt is optically a successful mixture of modern elegance and traditional costume as some designs remind me of Central America (in fact some woven parts were processed in Guatemala) or Finnish Lapland; I can even see Japanese kimono elements in it. The 2-colored stretch pants with straight legs in the matching color blocking style to the robe impresses with its comfortable elastic waistband without closure. The selvedges on the side seams are embellished. It just looks so cool and is really something different! Due to the materials used, both parts can be worn in summer (pure with a lace top underneath – a true party eye-catcher) and in winter (e.g. with an underwear rolli) as theater outfit or business look. The latter one then individually, combined with single-colored clothing. Incidentally, my husband also rates the jacket as very “attractive” as a home dress.

The blue twin set, which is wonderfully unisex, consists of checked trousers with side pockets and piped back pockets. The waistband is made of contrasting jacquard fabric with an Asian touch, from which the matching scarf with integrated piped pockets is sewn. The figure-friendly, navy blue pullover shirt with a draped collar (I love this cut!)  and long sleeves with stylish thumb holes, is rounded at the hem and has snaps at the front. These can be easily opened if necessary.
#Precision. Every seam is just right, attention is paid to the respective pattern and every edge. The buttons are covered with the same fabric (you need a button machine for this), the lining is always color-coordinated and elaborately processed. In addition, the materials used are crease-resistant, hard-wearing and washable.

Aivin’s slogan: “Have less, be more” is in fact not an empty phrase, because it ensures various combinations and many different looks for every occasion. After all, everyone has a few black and white or dark blue classics in the closet. Similar to the trend “living in a tiny house”, you could also say: You travel with light luggage without missing anything.

It might be that various creations on Aivins website seem a little bit too flashy or daring for the 50+ age group. What the hell. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. AND NOT TO FORGET: Avin manufactures according to the individual wishes of her customers regarding color and cut; so finally no compromises anymore.

Despite the Corona-crisis, her styles make you dream a bit and create a warm Christmas feeling – let yourself be pampered. These styles really give you a new momentum.


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