At Easter, I focus less on sweets than on beautiful decorations and small gifts for family and good friends. Here are my actual three favorites:


TOP 1  – CORK-Accessories

So far I knew CORK primarily as an insulation material, in the form of floor plates or bottle corks. I also have a stylish cork bag and a couple of practical summer slippers made of this wonderful natural material, but I didn’t know cork as a fashionable men’s accessory. On the May-Tie website you can find e.g. bow ties and matching pocket squares made of extremely thin cork fabric, as well as fine cufflinks and suspenders, nostalgic sleeve holders and much more. Among other things, the material mix cork and wood is offered.

The bow tie is equipped with a practical elastic band, the pocket square is pre-folded and stiffened. Classic chic and yet modern.

Each item arrives promptly, is packaged sustainably and is produced with green electricity.



The “Lattengebirge” (lath mountains) is situated in the Berchtesgarden Alps and rests in the shadow of its mountain neighbors, the “Untersberg” and the “Watzmann”.

A challenging tour leads over the “Lattenberg” to the “Hochschlegel”. “Schreck” and “Kratzer” are left aside and continue to the highest point, the “Karkopf” (1,738 m); the finale of the tour is, after all, the “dead man”. Well, scheers for well-trained calves.

With these pants there are no limits to your lath. But, gentlemen, don’t act too wild, because in the legend some have fallen deep down through the “devil’s hole”.

This sexy man slip is only part of a creative collection from ESFE (=ABPE/ A beautiful place on earth). The sporty cuts and the supple fabric made of organic cotton ensure an optimal degree of flexibility. The entire production chain is ecological and fair, production takes place within the EU. So nothing stands in the way of a pleasurable (alpine) adventure, wear the garment with joy and reach the summit by pure happiness.

Of course, the company also offers a lot of stylish underwear and shirts for us women. The fit is just great and ensures “Bella Figura”. My dark blue bustier is designed in the same way as the trousers and stands for “Intoxicating Heights”. All underwear items are almost too good  to be just underwear and I like to wear them for at least one season as summer or beach fashion. Each product comes in a folding box, which is provided with a suitable text insert analogous to the text above. Reading is fun and you can feel the commitment of the female makers of the label.

By the way, there is a special Easter offer “3+1”. When orderring just mention the code “Ostern21”. See you, servus.


TOP 3 – the latest creation from BLUSH STORIES.

Renate and I had already reported on the young Berlin designer Aivin Bleich. Now she has just created a bag out of a shoe. I myself was always full of ideas, but Aivin is simply a jack-of-all-trades.

The idea was born while facing a mountain of unworn, worn-out shoes. The result was a prototype of a fancy bag for  the most important essentials like cell phone, wallet and keys. Of course, personalized highlights shouldn’t be missing. In the case of “blush stories”, typically pearl embroidery, rhinestones and logo. The glitter style is rounded off with a sporty shoulder strap of another bag. But the manufacturing of these details take time. She’s been working on it for at least 30 hours.

This “shoe bag” is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. Even in hip Berlin-Neukölln, where you don’t really wonder about anything anymore, because everything is shown and allowed here in terms of fashion. Further models of this “Shoe-It-Bag” are already in work; but there is already a waiting list … hihi, such a bag became popular over night and of course Aivin is more than happy. Right now I am awaiting the bag-version in sportshoe style. Aivin only produces on request.

What are shoes, yep, if you can also have them as a bag. Aivin usually enjoys her creations in silence and lives sustainability. In this case, however, she appreciates the people’s gaze as wonderfully priceless 🙂

Anyway, I would almost go one step further: wearing shoes and bag in the same style (e.g. ankle booties) but maybe in different colours … Oh yes, these youngsters !


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