A beautiful Easter decoration including fresh, fragrant flowers, nobody can escape in spring, as all senses are involuntarily addressed.

But equally important are fresh positive thoughts which care and enrich the soul.

The world-famous children’s book writer Astrid Lindgren (1907 – 2002), whose biography has  been filmed two years ago, knows how to convey a certain inner lightness and stimulate imaginations with her quotes about a happy coexistence.
And ….perhaps there is still a bit of “Pippi Longstocking” in everyone of us, the self-assured and cool little girl from  Taka-Tuka-Land.

The red-haired, crazy dressed Pippi always knew how to put away criticism and monotony, reinvented herself day by day and always gained something positive from every situation.
“If some people think that one is (too) tall and others that one is (too) small, then perhaps one is just right”

“There are flowers that are not useful, just beautiful. Isn’t that wonderful ?”
For all lovers of functionality, value for money and time-output relations, it is always important not to miss the particular marginal sight or moment that spontaneously pleases the heart.

“Do not wait for people to smile at you, show them how it’s done”.
And don’t be irritated if, like me, you once meet a person whose lack of trust made a friendly face suspect. When passing by he suddenly asked me: Are you laughing at me or about me? I smiled at him again, and he understood and acknowledged it with a likeable grin.
By the way: “Crying together just works miracles like laughing together”.

“It’s dangerous to stay silent for too long. The tongue weakens when you don’t use it”. Being a good listener is valuable; but ultimately you define yourself by having an own opinion and a conscientious look.

“Freedom doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do everything like other people do.” And again, the cheerful nature of the open-minded Pippi Longstocking remains an actual topic, as she is always trying to look beyond edges away from (mindless) mainsteam.
“I’ve never tried that before, so I’m sure I’ll make it.”

And finally: “There is no prohibition for old women to climb trees” … or horses.

In this sense …. do what is good for you. If public wellness or sport institutions remain closed, rent a mobile sauna barrel or a hotpot.

Don’t wait to be allowed anything, act on your own responsibility. Defend yourself against “supervised thinking”. Be creative, find niches in order to ban any kind of lockdown from your mind/head.

Create your own cocktail or just play badminton / tennis with your neighbor over the hedge. Or watch the climbing freaks outdoor-hiking. The DAV (German Alpine Association) provides information about many natural climbing rocks, which are often idyllically located. Such as the Gimmeldinger quarries near Neustadt/ Winestreet (more than 30 routes of all levels available) or go horse riding like me – ähh, like Pippi.


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