Brown spots on the face, on the cleavage, hands or forearms? Usually they show up  in the age between 40 and 60. So far I only have one spotarea on the upper cheek, which can be easily covered with a concealer or some makeup. Such is life.


As a rule, the classic age spots (medicinally called lentigines) are harmless and not harmful to health. A check-up appointment with a dermatologist can clarify the origin. Some are very small like a pinhead, others several centimeters in size.

Unlike freckles, they hardly fade in winter. They usually appear first on the hands and in the face because they are a kind of pigment disorder that arises in conjunction with UV light or as a long-term consequence of too much sun.

Of course, you should continue to enjoy the sun even in old age, because age spots are sometimes a question of genetic predisposition and that body and pituitary gland need sunlight to boost the immune system and other vital chemical processes. However, you should pay more attention to the proper sun protection.


But to be honest, what bothers me more persistently are rather certain “coordination and concentration spots“. Not to mention “soul spots”. What do I mean by that?

Sometimes I feel like like a crumsy creature, even though I always had an extremely steady hand. No matter whether I am brushing my teeth, some cooking or eating, whoosh, the toothpaste has already slipped tot he ground,  and stained the stove top or tablecloth. Is it because of the hectic pace of everyday life, although I am doing these things for years? Perhaps it is precisely the eternal routine that makes us too inattentive. A large part of this, however, can be attributed to the declining ability to coordinate and concentrate. It becomes particularly embarrassing when those incidents happen in public, e.g. during an invitation with friends. You have elegantly placed the napkin on your legs, but the sauce drips right next to it on your trousers and on the way down has already touched your blouse further up. Or you knock over a glass of red wine which  damages the host’s sofa and carpet. As a consequence, this means additional cleaning work and sometimes a valueable piece is ruined for ever.  Such occurences may also create “cost spots” in the wallet.

Concentration also gets worse every day, apart from the fact that the slightest distraction made you forget what you actually wanted to do some seconds ago. Goodbye multitasking. You just want to quickly clean a glass by hand (without glasses) and then – knock – you hit it  against the edge of the sink or the cupboard. If it breaks, you still have extra work, you get even more delayed and in the worst case even injured, etc. etc. The same applies even more if you bump against the edge of the door or the table too quickly. The result are long-lasting painful bruises and blue spots.

What can be of help?

You probably have to admit to yourself that anything is no longer quickly done. In case of doubt, no concealing anymore. Simply consider more time and act more consciously. When running or walking many stairs, don’t think of other things like what will happen if I you miss the train, but rather say to yourself: “I’m going downstairs now”. A long-time ago a stewardess once gave me this advice.

I know all of this and you certainly know it as well, but it is simply difficult to adhere to it and to visualize it, because it also means a confession of getting older.

Unfortunately for me there is also a kind of  „unpleasant increase”, the so-called “soul spots”. You have particularly hastened to please everyone, but instead of a „thank you“ you only experience scorn and ridicule.


I very well remember an employee who, after a long meeting, wanted to drive home about 250 kilometers at night in order to save hotel costs for the company and to be available for the family the next morning. He never arrived there – probably due to fatigue/ exhaustion – and had a serious accident. Only a few working fellows in the company showed compassion, the majority blasphemed about his incompetence of simply being too stupid to drive or lack of fitness to get home safely.

But even harmless things can be a burden for years and lead to an erosion of a trusted relationship. It’s been almost 40 years. The exam results had just been posted at the university examination office when I met a family friend. He surprised me with the statement that he had just seen my father next to the notice board. Well, at that time there was still no cell phone and yes, I had passed the exam successfully, but obviously my father wanted to proof it personally. This lack of trust hurt me for a long time and was untypical and unworthy for my father, who himself had studied chemistry.

There is no easy treatment for such soul injuries, they remain to  be long-lasting and under certain circumstances they affect/ influence the entire further life. Disappointments weigh heavily on the soul and everyone must ultimately find a way to deal with them, i.e. to  individually process traumatic experiences. The quick grip for the “happy pill” should definitely be the last choice.

The last 12 months of the Corona crisis in particular have not made everyday life any easier. But you shouldn’t “put on every shoe” and want to please everyone with your opinion, presence and action. You can’t please everyone, without breaking yourself. Above all, you should find the  right solution for yourself and may well stand to a different opinion – if necessary. Don’t let the egoism accusation persuade you, everyone needs a certain amount of self-protection.

You can only help others – if necessary and as they wish – if you yourself are mentally balanced, physically stable and act in a reflective manner. Forcing someone into a conversation to compensate your own frustration is rather counterproductive.

In this sense: the “Patch Devil” lurks everywhere, consequently show him the “red card” in due time.


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