Not Gothenburg, not Gothland, but the fishing village of Gothmund near Lübeck.

In the far north there is hardly any more  idyllic place for a leisurely stroll away from the hustle and bustle between rose hedges and thatched half-timbered houses. For me, Gothmund is the perfect mix of Hiddensee, Sylt and the Isle of Wright; just everything in a few square kilometers.

Over time, after a few fishermen’s cottages, 18 solid thatched houses were built. Most of them are now under monument protection. At certain sites the entire ensemble of the pitoresk village looks like an artist colony similar to Worpswede. Although the little „beer garden“ with view onto the Trave river has been closed since long time and lack of a central village square, a stroll along the narrow car-free footpath (Fischerweg) is worth every minute. Just see, discover and enjoy, and maybe talk to some of the 80 residents.

The special topographical location between the (reed) lagoon and the steep bank results in an idiosyncratic settlement image. There are garden areas with tool sheds and boat docks between the small fishing port and the houses. In the port of Gothmund you can still discover some active fishing boats, which regularly sail to the Baltic Sea for fishing. You can watch them fishing the nearby steep bank of Brodten, which offers a wide panoramic view over the Bay of Lübeck.

From here it is only a stone’s throw to the beautiful, spacious Timmendorfer beach, i.e. to go for a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea. Everybody can find his/ her “little bit of time out” in this region – even in Corona times. And in case of bad weather you may simply stroll through the old town of Lübeck – a true jewel from the Hanseatic era.

Well, here comes another healthy and relaxing time-out occasion: 

Those who do not have a sauna and/ or whirlpool at home and are longing for some wellness – even now – will find what they are looking for in many regions of Germany under the heading “Private Spa”. More and more private providers or hotels offer their spa facilities and / or suites for everyone in consultation with the local authorities. By making an appointment, you can easily book these little oases hourly or longer (as a couple or per household) without a Corona-test or even vaccination and enjoy them without worries. There is no contact with other people, apart from a brief introduction to the handling of the wellness equipment.

I tried the “Royal Suite” (around 60 square meters) at the spa hotel in Bad Dürkheim in mid-April and was more than satisfied. The room is/ was dominated by a kind of elegant Asian styling and offers various bath ingredients, scented oils and creams, as well as some fruit and  drinks to “splash around”. With its own shower/ toilet and lounge area, everything is hygienic and exclusively individual; no other voices, just subtle meditative sounds. The “hut sauna” with alpine charme has a small open fire monitor, the oriental steam bath impresses with a pleasantly long, curved mosaic lounger and the 1.50 x 2.00 meter sized whirlpool starts bubbling by pressing the button. Pure relaxation. Time is flying by and you feel like having been catapulted out of time.

How had I missed that! … and all around there is a beautifully landscaped small park area.


Remark: no advertisment or cooperation, just personal private recommendations

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