I put all my energy in care! Handmade artifical beauty with scalpel, injections, tapes that pull sunken cheeks towards the ears, lips like daisy doesn’t mean very much to me. I’ve passed more than 50 years of live and this is allowed to be seen. I love me for who I am including my lines and in total. I don’t want that to be cut or filled, even if the public pressure for an ageless face seems to be at its highest point. Finally women may also run the risk to become addicted to all those methods. Each age has got its pros and cons and perhaps we just have to learn a new view on beauty and age in our increasingly aging society. To me, natural beauty that comes out of an healthy and well-cared body and mind ist almost the best. And I want to start a discussion with you and would like you to tell me everything about your opinion. I also offer to public your comments and pobabely you can also share your personal beauty recipes with all the other readers. Can’t wait for your news!


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