Hiding myself has never been my nature and of course there is a life beyond the 50ies. And even better: no musts anymore, but allowed everything.
I became a blogger almost overnight. Writing and reporting lifestyle topics meantime is just as much fun as occasional modeling and acting.

Finally it was the wonderful term “Topagemodel” that drew my attention to the blog.
Well, talking is one thing, but:  there is nothing better than doing it. Now or never? What are the things that really move the personal world?

Only when reflecting (upon a certain age), you realize what has already been accomplished and how much valuable experience you have gained. Looking back on the positive results – yes, but also continue keeping a critical eye on current affairs.

My motto in life since childhood has always been: “Mission impossible does not exist” (don’t give up prematurely); today I prefer “Rather in the middle than just a follower”.
Aiming goals, searching niches, sizing opportunities, having fun by always following the principles:

So far (!) life was very friendly to me, because except some orthopedic problems, nothing stopped me from achieving almost all of my set goals.
After graduating from high school in 1979, I finished the Mannheim university in 1986 with a masters degree in business administration, got married with “the best of all husbands”  and finally joined a senior human resource position with the American Forces (AAFES) in Stuttgart, later Heidelberg.

However, I wanted to see more of the world and work on international levels. Therefore, in 1990 I switched to the international sales department of Knoll AG (= BASF Pharmaceuticals). After years as country consultant for Japan and assistant to the CEO International Sales, I transferred abroad for 1,5 years and worked for our subsidiary in Mexico (probably the time time of my life). Upon return in 1996, I functioned as international project manager in Value Based Management which took me around the world several times.

Absolutely  “my world”, because I love languages ​​and foreign cultures.

But everything has its time and you have to let off. In 2001, I decided to change into self-employment like my husband. Since then I am working as legal guardian (for persons who are no longer capable to organize the own life) and legal process auditor for the local district courts.

And here the circle closes; we are back to the topic “Age 50 plus”.

However, the most important school of life from childhood on was the sports, especially ice skating and roller skating.
Hours of daily training around the year could be compensated with success (including participation in the World Professional Figure Skating Championships 1978 and 1979). Sure, individual sports are very competitive, but you learn assertiveness and endurance.
Later, for many years, I functioned as vice-president of the sports association and also volunteered in the position “woman in sports”.
Above all, by such kind of artistic sport, you learn to (re) present and to interpret roles, which today is a major benefit to me when working as a semi-professional model; and it certainly shaped my allover lifestyle.

Currently, my hobbies are skiing (alpine and biathlon) and water sports, playing the harp, and whenever there is enough time to creatively design individual closing or home accessories by “up-cycling” or re-composing.

“Que sera, sera” … what will be? However,

Advancing ages also means to listen to your body. To develop your personal bodyfeeling; no matter if it relates to fitness/ health or fashion/ lifestyle.

Generally Renate has already stated all concerns of the blog and I like to fully join her words.  We are the “young Eldery folks” and would like to inspire and motivate peers and like-minded readers whenever possible.
The route is the aim;  I would be glad, if we go part if this way  together  on “Topagemodel”.