I hope I can still wish you a happy new year, even if January is almost over. In general, we don’t have that way with nice wishes anymore, at least that’s my impression. Maybe that’s just Frankfurt-specific, but in the morning when I take our dog for a long walk through the forest, no one says “hello” if I don’t do it. My surprise is probably, that I was brought up differently and it’s just plain simple. I think it’s nice when you greet each other as you walk past. So I’ll continue and give a smile on top of it.

Just like we do to our dear readers – late but still –

a splendid, brilliant, super cool, fantastic, shiny, grandiose, brilliant, capricious, first-class, wonderful, extraordinarily great, spectacularly beautiful, oh yes  – simply great



Renate & Petra

Petra und Renate


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