I don’t know if there are any predispositions to this, at least my eyes always fall on hands and feet.  And I think it has to look neat and well-groomed, just like the rest. Especially now in summer, when you often see bare feet in sandals, you think once or twice: ‘Phew, they could again use a pedicure ‘.  Dirty, with black marks under the toenails, visible calluses – none of that works for me.  I even spotted dirty soles in a TV commercial (and no, I’m not adding the celebrity name to it now).  Help, did the photographer and the assistants didn’t mention? Well, in any case, it’s always a bad sign for me if the manicure and pedicure are not right.  Because basically the thoughts do not stop at hands or feet, they go on.


It’s simple.  You don’t need to go to a specialist or spend money to appear well-groomed.  I don’t either, by the way.  I got them all through, the nail stylists and podiatrists.  But right now I’m lending a hand myself.  It doesn’t save time, but cash.  Gel nails in particular certainly cost EUR 400 upwards per year.  Many years ago I spent around EUR 600 a year on it.  After all, you want it to be beautiful.  Because of a move and the long drive that I could have taken on, I left it.  Maybe the time for that had just run out.  Later I tried out with Shellac.  As long-lasting as gel modeling and as easy to use as nail polish it should be.  And yes, as far as the application is concerned and the durability, I agree, as far as the removal is concerned, it clearly makes a lot more work.  Although it is repeatedly emphasized that Shellac does less damage to the nail than gel, removal without nail polish remover containing acetone is not possible and that puts a comparatively more stress on the nail.  In addition, the Shellac is usually sanded down with an electric file in the nail salon – at least the remains – just like it is with gel nails.

Last but not least, my impression is that normal nail polish is the gentlest option for nails if you don’t want to wear them “natural”. As a beauty nerd, I have quite a few polishes through. From the super cheap to the expensive trend  -Brands were all there, as well as numerous bad purchases. Not only because some hold up badly, the colors often look different than the bottle promises. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the light in the shops never reflects the ‘real color’ and  on the other hand, that the color on the nail in connection with your own skin tone looks different again. As far as the nail polish color is concerned, I’m pretty sure that there will be bad purchases from time to time. I think that can also be seen from this aspect  of color trends.

Hände und Füße

As for the product and its quality as such, I got stuck with the paints from Anny. They are great to apply, have a great shine and last a long time. Depending on the color  2, sometimes 3 coats of paint are optimal to achieve the best result.  Underneath, of course, is a base coat to avoid unsightly discoloration.  What makes Anny so special is the top coat.  There is this > GELISTA GEL LIKE TOP COAT <.  It actually keeps what it promises.  Used as a top coat, the nail polish lasts for at least 1 week to 10 days and is really flawless.  On your feet until the next pedicure is due.  So if you are not satisfied with the shelf life of your product, you should definitely try it out with Gelista.

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