Amazingly, I keep being told that the route Frankfurt-Munich can easily be done in three hours.  According to the motto: just going to Munich is not a thing.  For me it’s a matter of at least 4 hours every time, because at least 400 km or more, depending on where you want to go in Munich.  If you count the route from Würzburg alone with construction sites lined up like a string of pearls and corresponding speed limits of 60 or 80 km, this is not possible in purely mathematical terms, even if you rush through the unlimited route sections with an average of 250 kilometers per hour.  But even that only works in the middle of the night, because the higher volume of traffic, overtaking trucks or caravans repeatedly necessitate braking maneuvers.  Anyway, soon we will be driving on the highway at 130 km / h and then the 3 hours will be a thing of the past.

But I actually wanted to take a different route, namely the one from Frankfurt to Lermoos at the Zugspitze.  Lermoos doesn’t say something to everyone, but to most of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and that’s practically “around the corner”. The level of awareness is due to the Four Hills Tournament, which has been taking place on 4 hills since 1952 (2 in Austria, 2 in Germany) at the turn of the year.  Then the world’s ski jumping elite meet in Garmisch and the density of celebrities and fur coats increases accordingly. In any case, it’s 450 km from Frankfurt to Lermoos and I’m proud if we can do it in 4 hours 😊.

Anyway. From time to time we spend our vacation in Lermoos and everyone should now have an idea of ​​where that is. At the foot of the highest mountain in Germany there is a wonderful traditional house, namely the Hotel Post **** S. We like this classic alpine flair, hospitality, great food  , Wellness, the professional sports / hiking offer, the applications, really super clean rooms, hangers with normal hooks, a neat and sophisticated overall impression  , dedicated staff – in short: an absolute pampering program.  And amazing: a face towel, formerly simply called face washcloth, is even available there without demand and despite Corona.

The “Corona-Joker” has recently become an irrefutable argument for everything that is missing or is called impossible, but here in this house not needed or used.  The protective pandemic-measures are the ones you know from the hotel / catering industry, but despite Corona there is salt and pepper at the table, white tablecloths and also cloth napkins – which I love.

Especially in the evening it is very nice with a 6-course gourmet menu of your choice.  The kitchen – under the direction of Thomas Strasser – is exquisite;  really excellent.  And in the truest sense of the word, because there are a number of Awards for the many gourmet specialties.  In other words, awards with toques, dots, forks, etc., of which I understand little, but of the fact that Alpine Haute Cuisine pampers the palate in the best sense with every course and is art for the eyes.  If you want to know exactly, it is best to take a look at the culinary highlights, so I save myself copying.

After this preliminary report, nobody will doubt that the other meals (breakfast / until 10.30 a.m. and intermediate course / until 5 p.m.) are just as delicious, varied and rich.  When choosing bread, definitely try the Blunzenbrot (bread with black pudding cubes) – if you don’t do it, you are missing a culinary speciality.


I had indicated it, just so clean as I have never experienced in any other hotel.  Very special and very pleasant for me, because I also like to keep things clean and tidy at home.  The equipment is of high quality, the mattresses allow a very good sleep and the space for laundry and clothing is well thought out.  A woman must be responsible, because the rooms are not only practical, but also cozy.  The practical equipment also includes a comfortable hiking backpack for outdoor activities (of course not included in the room price).  I almost forgot one essential feature: the fantastic view of the Zugspitze!

Front-Row Seat with view of the Zugspitze

Apropos outdoor

In winter, of course, skiing, ski hiking / tours or cross-country skiing.  In the 9 ski areas with over 214 kilometers of slopes, fun parks and high-speed slopes in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, there is surely something for everyone.  But the mountains also invite you to go hiking or biking with all levels of difficulty in summer.  I used to think hiking was for “old” people, but I am revising and claiming the opposite now, because I’ve tried it. By the way, you are well guided directly from the hotel.  My tip: If you are on holiday at the Hotel Post **** S, you should definitely not miss this offer.
In addition, the active world also includes golf and hunting – what more could you want.

At the Seebensee in the Mountains near Ehrwald


The Hotel Post **** S is also a wellness and beauty oasis with everything you would expect from a SPA.  More on this on the corresponding page.  For me, really great: a modern and well-equipped gym and a tanning bed.  When it rains or snows, I can do sports, take a sun bath or let myself be pampered by one of the numerous beauty / massage treatments.


There’s cigar room at the hotel.  So when it storms and snows outside, you can enjoy a cigar or cigarette inside in comfortable, heavy leather armchairs without annoying other guests with smoke.  I like the fact that smokers are not discriminated here 😊.

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