Food has become lifestyle. Headlines who all promise to be the most beneficial to health actually fill up a number of magazines and covers.  Healthy eating is in vogue.  Countless options of various nutritional concepts, that all claim for some reason that they are the healthiest way.  Eating is now part of the lifestyle.

This hype about the healthiest of the healthy does not allow any other conclusion than that a lot of people see nutrition no longer just as energy input, but rather as a statement and lifestyle project.  Once you have found your nutritional concept, you defend it vehemently and often present it to the outside as the real deal.


I myself have seen in a restaurant that this can lead to heated discussions.  In a group of around 15 people, one of whom agreed to be vegan and the other to a vegetarian diet when ordering food.  All the others were, so to speak, just ‚omnivores‘ with personal preferences.  True to the motto: Schnitzel with french fries and salad or rather with fried potatoes and vegetables 😊. When the food box with the word “vegan” suddenly popped open, an inflamable discussion broke out about which is the ideal solution in terms of nutrition.  At our table emotions boiled as high as our order in the kitchen pots and, to be honest, I was pretty horrified, because: it passed the boiling point of cheerful conversation to a frothy conceptual battle. Looking back, I have to smile and still can’t  believe that you can tear yourself apart by these beliefs. You really have to let it melt in your mouth.

What is healthy nutrition?

That I don’t let this trendy saucepan simmer Buddhaat my home and that I‘m also convinced that having the healthiest diet does not exist – is certainly clear to every reader by now at the latest. The definition of what is most healthy is already for the reason that we humans are so different, impossible.  What is good for one can be poison for another.  In my kitchen for example, there are a lot of vegetables, but few raw vegetables/fruits – and a slice of delicious bread with Salami and cheese topping always wins against the Black Forest cake 😊. To be honest, it took me a good few decades and a number of memorabilia (illnesses) to “cook up” with healthy food for me individually.

I believe in laws of nature

Too bad that I didn’t use to deal with my basic needs before, it would have spared me a lot of trouble.  For good reasons an old saying says: “eating and drinking keep body and soul together”. Some old knowledge is more actual than every before, because it’s so true, that body, soul and mind stand in context with health. Just imagine Buddha would cook for me, he had asked me at first, how things are going on in my life, how I feel, what sorrows I have and what makes me feel happy. Only then would he have swung his wooden spoon and then celebrated a meal with me that – in addition to a delighting menue for my palate – also would have filled up my stomach with the right energy intake. I think, this is a very inspiring way of thinking about nutrition and makes it plausible that food is less a question of concept than of type. 

Tibetische Heilkunde

An exciting approach to associating food with healing.  Tibetan doctors did this thousands of years ago because it is not easy to be at home on the ‘roof of the world’.  Derived from this teaching, there are 3 easy-light-healthy recipes in pdf that not only taste good, but also ask the question of type.  Curious?  Then quickly put your nose in and soak up some inspiration for the saucepan. Note: if some of the terminologies used in the type-explanations sound strange, just keep on reading, ’cause it makes you learn more 🙂

An by the way – you find a plenty of wonderful spices, herbs and other recipes of bio-quality on Vitalindo Onlineshop!

Soon more about Tibet, the 14th Dalai Lama and two people who brought a lot of Tibetan medicine to Germany based on personal experiences 😊.




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