Launch of topagemodel.de has been on July 7th, 2016. I’ll never forget this date since it’s also birthday for a new name for women in the age of 40 or 50Plus, who live that inspired, active and positiv way while getting older. The idea behind is to show doing aging in all its beautifull and attractive facets that life nowadays offers.

About >TOP-AGE< an me:

I was born in 1965 and so I am out of the so called Teenie and Middle Age. According to the common age discription I am Best Ager. My association is firstly: pretty old and secondly: a big money waster (Master Consumer) – going in the direction of retirement and old age pension. Not my thing! At the moment I am in a top age, wear what I like, am active, busy, open for new things an thoughts, miles away from retirement. The term >top-age< has not been properly defined and therefore is open to people who share my philosophy. There is more to it than age-group division. Top-age particularly stands for the attitute to life: being basically positiv, active, disciplined an open minded. Being honest to one’s self with body, soul and spirit. Most important: stay relaxed and don’t overdo things. Everybody has rainy days in their life – feeling bad, not feeling perfect and undisciplined. I am no different and life has given me many a black-eye. In joyful company having a couple of drinks to much or smoking also belongs to life. It’s all concerning feeling good an enjoying one’s life.
If you like my idea just go for it. Everybody can be their own >topagemodel<.

How do I do it?

Fashion, good Styling, Skin Care, Make-up, Sport, healthy Nutrition, a positive attitute to life and most of all: Discipline! Find more on my blog and on my YouTube Videos. Simply have a look!


My Motto: focus your opportunities, not your lines. Every face tells about life, tears and laughs, highs and lows, of care and lack of (and overdone enjoyment). There is nothing to hide – it is simply you and the time that has passed.


Looking dazzling, attracting attention is not the purpose of the face alone but is always in context of a complete appearance. That is what makes the WHOW-Effect.  And that is my intention. This is what I try to express with the fasion that I wear, with my style, my skin care and Make-up etc. I draw out of many years of experience and would like you all to take part. Everybody can make the best out of themselves and I am convinced of it.

My Commitment to the Generation 50Plus

My father always said: „Beauty alone is not sufficient“. And yes indeed, I fully agree with him. In my opinion the social issues and problems of our Generation dont‘ get enough published und heard. Therefore I serve as an ambassador for the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus. An independent lobby that represents exclusively the Generation 50Plus. My recent publications and critical comments in regard to the change of role and view on women in >top age< you find on Bestzeit-Plus. It’s the online News Magazin of the Bundesverband. It means a lot to me, to be part of those who begin to design a positiv change.

Finally I would like to note, that it is my goal to translate everything to the best of my ability but please have understanding for any errors!