Age and life are written in the skin, there is no twilight about it.  The fact that we get it on the bread and butter every day is a fact that does not make dealing with today’s ideals of beauty equally easy for everyone.  Coco Chanel once put it this way:

Nature gives us the face that we have when we are 20.  Life shapes the face we have when we are 30.  But we have to earn the face that we have at 50 for ourselves. 

Ergo: the youthfulness of the skin, the radiant freshness, the soft, smooth smoothness is lost little by little from the beginning of 30 years.  The multitude of reasons for this is well known.  So then it starts with the first lines that later become wrinkles.  Defying this process and reducing, avoiding or even canceling the visible signs of aging is a very profitable activity for a number of branches of industry under the umbrella of anti-aging cosmetics, with growth rates that other branches can only dream of.

Whether we call it Age Defense or Anti-Aging or Natural Aging or Authentic Aging or something like this – the end result is the (longing) addiction for the eternal fountain of youth.  The motto is to somehow escape the inevitability.  So what do you do in a lifetime when you stupidly get wrinkles but still want to be beautiful?

Katharina Popp

From the reduction of wrinkles on the face, I understood that here – realistically – you can only be successful with filling or lifting.  Unfortunately, few think about how this can be done on your own.  In other words: what possibilities nature gives us to take care of a firmer face ourselves.  What is customary on the body, namely building up the muscles, is neglected in the face, although we all find immense potential here.  Stretching and lifting are also usually not associated with the face.  That works too.

Katharina Popp has made it her task to convey this in her 6-week online one-to-one lesson and to help women who rely on completely natural options for wrinkle reduction to reduce them by means of facial training.

The units

With many different exercises, the different muscle groups, i.e. facial areas, are strengthened from inside or plumped up to stay in beauty speech.

Because it is logically understandable that where muscles are built up, the skin that surrounds them tightens.

In her online basic course, which (as mentioned above) comprises 6 units of 1 hour each, you proceed as systematically as it is clear, and very individual and with a love of detail.  This means that she does not simply set up the training program according to a fixed plan, but discusses priorities and wishes at the beginning.  At the end of each training unit you will receive your exercise instructions in writing (as a PDF) and also as a video.  This makes it possible to repeat the exercises correctly on the mirror at home.  The instructions are so well prepared that it is child’s play to follow the instructions, provided you take the time.

Katharina Popp

In the course of my basic facial training course, I was often surprised where we have muscles all over the face and that you can learn to address them.  Just as you can learn to “address” your big or little toe, it also works on your face. As soon as you have a little practice, you can feel different areas of the facial muscles. In any case, I’m very proud that my cheek muscles feel a little stronger.

But: this course is not only about “filling” but also about lifting, i.e. tightening various areas of the face.  The chin and cheeks come first for many, and for me the neck, too, if I may say that bluntly at this point.  After 6 weeks I noticed an improvement here too, something that no cream has succeeded in before 😊.

Where there is tension, there has to be relaxation – you know that from sport.  What could be more obvious than pampering your face with a relaxing massage after a workout.  Or in the evening, in front of the television. Katharina Popp also gives the appropriate instructions for this.


At the end of the course, you will receive your very own personal training program, which is tailored to your individual needs on the one hand and the amount of time you want to give your face every day on the other.

All in all, with her courses Katharina Popp offers a wonderful option to face wrinkles in an absolutely natural way, with the great advantage of preserving your natural facial expressions and the unique expressiveness of your face 😊.

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