SolubiaFor most Germans, life without cosmetics is inconceivable, as numerous studies have shown.  According to a study by the IKW, 89% of women and 71% of men between the ages of 50 and 65 state that they do something to improve their appearance.  To do this, they like to use beauty and body care products.  But which one?  After all, more and more beauty brands are appearing on the shelves, all of which promise a lot.  What they actually hold is a completely different matter.

I had already reported that SOLUBIA fulfills all the most important purchase criteria a 100% even more than that – in the article >Natural Facial Spa: Solubia<


Today I am writing about why I‘m absolutely convinced.

Eye Fluid

BecauseI was absolutely enthusiastic about it from the beginning, I start with that right away  ingenious Eye Fluid, because that really has an immediate effect.  It is absorbed incredibly quickly into the particularly sensitive skin under the eyes and immediately visibly reduces the wrinkles.  I am happy about this effect every morning and after 8 weeks of continuous use in the morning and evening I can see that the lower eyelids feel smoother and the bags under the eyes have also receded over the duration of the application.  To the point that I can’t find any more on current close-ups.  That’s great and an effect that I haven’t seen before.  The soluble, maritime collagen contained in it may also help. It comes from edible jellyfish and has a much higher water-binding capacity than e.g. bovine collagen.


EGF Serum & Face Cream

SolubiaFor me, good facial care has always been a MUST.  I don’t believe in fairy tales, because neither serums nor creams can conjure up wrinkles.  At just under 56 you can have some, that’s my point of view.  For me, the motto is still to preserve my face as naturally as possible, i.e. to slow down the formation of wrinkles and to do so with really valuable care products, such as SOLUBIA with the highly pure organic Colostrum.  In addition to colostrum – whose special growth factors I have already discussed in the previous article – both the Active Serum and the Active Cream contain a whole range of effective ingredients.  Particularly noteworthy is the use of the ingredients exclusively in their natural complexity.  If you like, you can read the list of all ingredients in the full declaration (INCI) here.  In addition to everything that is written, personal experience is important.  Mine is super positive!  In particular, the combination with the Eye Fluid keeps the product promise of a well-groomed, refined and balanced complexion.
With SOLUBIA, my skin feels optimally cared for 24/7. 

EGF Skin balm & Body lotion

SolubiaBoth very effective skin care products – so much in advance.  Based on my personal experience, I would like to emphasize two points in particular.

1. The healing properties of EGF Skin Balm. 

I tested SOLUBIA skin care after what was an incredibly long winter for me.  Frozen outside and sweating inside – that irritated my skin and led to redness similar to a heat rash, especially on the upper body.  After a few days of using the Skin Balm, everything was gone, my damaged skin was calmed and regenerated.  A wonderful result that not only inspires but also impresses.


2. The Body Lotion with melatonin booster

I don’t know how to put it another way, but this Body Lotion has to stimulate melatonin production.  There is no other explanation for the fact that with the little sun that I was allowed to enjoy this year, I got a nice tan faster than in previous years.  In terms of content, the reason for this is the Growth Factor EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which, in conjunction with UV-A radiation (good sunlight), stimulates the melanocytes (pigment cells) to produce pigments.  And even after sunbathing, it provides the skin with long-lasting moisture and gives the skin a velvety soft texture.  This Body Lotion is simply awesome.  Incidentally, I only found out about this excellent quality because I was allowed to talk to one of the makers.


And that’s exactly what defines a small beauty brand.  There are super competent people at work who pursue their personal, very high demands on the maximum possible effect with great passion and enthusiasm and leave no stone unturned in their laboratories.  I am convinced: only those who really want to do better can enter this hotly contested market.  And that’s what the founders of SOLUBIA want too.  By the way, they are real visionaries  😊.

In awesome Cooperation with Solubia.



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