‚Why wander into the distance – see the good is so close.‘ 

This proverb based on Goethe’s ‘memories’ is an association that occurs to me again and again spontaneously, because one is actually inclined to look far away for what one often has virtually on the doorstep.  And I think for example, the rediscovery of the many beautiful regions in Germany that we would not necessarily have uncovered without Corona or the cozy restaurant around the corner that you somehow lost sight of and suddenly returns to consciousness.

It was also my first and just as spontaneous association when I got to know the cosmetic products from SOLUBIA, because they contain one of the most active remedies that our nature has to offer in our country, namely Colostrum. 



This is the name given to the special milk that a newborn calf drinks and even has to drink within the first 24 to 48 hours of life, because a calf only receives its immune protection from this “first milk” outside the womb.  It contains, among other things, important growth and peptide factors, proteins and enzymes that accelerate skin cell renewal and can correct DNA damage.  It goes without saying that this milk is an extremely rich natural composition.
Just like the fact that breast milk provides a newborn with the best of Mother Nature.  This comparison is important to me because it clearly illustrates the value and sustainability of this substance and makes it understandable.  At the same time, it is a point that I often miss with care products, namely understanding what makes one or the other ingredient really special.  Because we users are usually quite prone to believe promises of beauty, if only the advertising is apparently a guarantee for the qualities of a fountain of youth.  There is no doubt that the marketing professionals are making use of our maniacal longing for eternal youth.  At least on the face.  What we believe there, what the latest age defense strategy explains to us as a key experience for the skin, is a bit crazy.  If I watch the market correctly, the international trends with the most exotic anti-aging ingredients for soft skin are currently particularly popular.  The reverse is also welcome, i.e. what is not in it in terms of harmful substances.  That is also being hyped incredibly right now.
But now back to SOLUBIA.

Fascinated by this treasure of nature and its importance for naturopathy, managing director Michael Tremer already did a lot of research 18 years ago and, together with other experts, developed methods to make colostrum durable, to be able to use for cosmetic products.  So it is the dairy cows from organic farms in Bavaria and Austria that make this valuable essence in cosmetic products so special, make them very silky and supply them with many valuable organic nutrients that stimulate the natural skin structures to rebuild as well as to repair  .

I would like to dispel any worries about sufficient care for the calves right away, because nothing is taken away from the little ones, of course.  Today’s increased milk production by dairy cows even leads to the fact that the excess colostrum has to be milked if the calves drink the same amount.  At the same time, it means that organic colostrum is only available in limited quantities.

And what makes SOLUBIA stand out is that, in addition to the colostrum, all ingredients are of 100% natural origin and, with a few exceptions, come from the surrounding area (Bavaria, Austria, Italy). 

SOLUBIA attaches great importance to sustainable organic quality of all components and their bioavailability.  This is the measure of how much of the ingredients can be absorbed by the skin and also arrive where they have the intended effect.  Anyone who takes the time to delve deeper into the declaration of ‘ingredients’ will immediately see that SOLUBIA has very high standards for the best possible effect with all care products.  If you are interested in natural cosmetics, you should definitely read it!

What exactly defines the different beauty products >Made in Germany< and what effect their highly effective formulas have on my skin, you will find out very soon in the next article with SOLUBIA.  I would like to reveal that the smoothing and invigorating effect of the eye fluid is simply great.  Bye, bye creases, welcome glow!


Be curious …



A post in Cooperation with Solubia.


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