You always think that you can shop “better” in the city than in the surrounding area. Somehow it is probably one of the “old” things that take place in head, but are actually completely different.  In any case, I was able to convince myself that the hottest shoe trends are also in Rodgau, namely at La Strada in Rodgau-Jügesheim.  A very finely selected range of great brand shoes is presented there by Michaela Schauder, which makes every woman’s heart beat faster.  Because as the saying goes: you can never have enough shoes.

The beautiful, bright shop immediately arouses desires.  When you first look through the shelves, you notice that the thick soles are still in vogue.  In particular on Chelsea and lace-up boots, the tendency towards a rough appearance predominates.  A fashionable fashion upgrade will be provided in the coming season by thick chains (in shoe color) that are located above the instep.  Resistance is futile – you have to fall in love with the new variant.  With the laced chunky boots it is noticeable that the long laces are now tied around the shaft again.  That‘s also a nice detail.

The big hit and my favorite for this fall fashion is definitely a loafer.  Some of them are also adorned with chains, logos and the like on the flap.  In any case, they ensure the trendiest of all autumn appearances and have consistently lifted soles.  From my point of view, the best thing about it is that you can easily combine all the trendy outfits.  They look equally good with culottes, jeans and skirts / dresses in all lengths and look great with both, casual and business outfits.

La Strada

Although I’m not the classic cowgirl now, I fell in love with the knee-high black boots in western style right away.  What is totally convincing about you and makes you absolutely suitable for everyday use is the perfect dose of Marlboro feeling without any obtrusiveness.  They are also super comfortable and have the ideal heel height.  For dresses and skirts that end at the knee or a little above, I think they are perfect with opaque tights.  But of course they also go with skinny jeans that you tuck into or jeans with wide legs.  Of course, the western style is also available in short.

La Strada

Chucks and sneakers are now classics.  We are now wearing them moderately again, that is to say, the days of dad sneakers are fading away. So the latest models are more classic than chunky.  Who loves colors can set a great accent with it.

La Strada

I can absolutely support the topic of sustainability in shoe fashion.  More and more shoe labels are pulling together and producing trendy models from alternative materials.  Recycled materials and vegetable-tanned leather are right at the forefront.  Manuela Schauder also keeps up with the times and has introduced me to 2 models that are really convincing in terms of look, feel and comfort.  And here they are: The shiny pink chucks are made from recycled PET, the sole from recycled plastic.  The upper material of the Chelsea boots is made of cactus leather and the sole is made of old car tires.  One might well ask how big the CO 2 footprint is in the end when manufacturing these materials.  Last but not least, it is an important start to conserve resources and turn old into new.

Personally, it is very important to me that the small and larger owner-managed shops in the city and in the countryside do not disappear from the cityscape even after Corona.  Because how does strolling through the many great shops, like Manuela Schauder’s go now?  I think we – the consumers – should resist the online buying trend and try, touch and feel.  There is nothing like pure shopping pleasure.  With a shoebox and girlfriend having a nice Prosecco afterwards – life can be really good!

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La Strada
Hintergasse 27
63110 Rodgau

By the way: You can also buy the great Wolford stockings from Michaela 😊

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