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  • incognito
  • Lassal-Fashion
  • Fashionary
  • Natascha von Hirschhausen
  • Sutterheim (Raincoats)
  • Hartjes (Schuhmanufaktur)


  • Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main
  • SUNNA by urban (Edelsteinschmuck)
  • Damar Runte (Modeschmuck)


  • Inbalance / Yoga & Personal Training
    Mirjana Müller
  • Clever Fit (Studio)
  • Fitline


  • nicko cruises
  • ZACO / Robvox


  • Asambeauty
  • Skin Vital Concept
  • Brigitta B. Behrends
  • PHILIPS Visa Care
  • Conmedes

Health Care

  • TENA
  • BRAUN Health Care
  • Orthomol
  • Proceanis
  • Brigitta B. Behrends
  • ATRO ProVita
  • Alcina
  • Biorepair

Awards and Reach

We have been rated by Feespot among Germany’s top 35 fashion blogs and regularly appear on their platform with articles.

To date, our readership is small and fine.  The number of visitors is approx. 8,000 readers per month, who spend an average of 5 minutes on our blog.  We are also represented on the social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIn.  The applicable numbers of followers can be found on the corresponding channel.  Of course, we will provide you with the current figures on request.

Cooperation rates

Reasonable content has to be paid for.  What we do has value, otherwise it would be in vain.  You can convince yourself of the quality that we deliver in our articles.  In addition, on platforms for which we also work, such as Bild der Frau digital and The costs that we charge depend on the type and scope of the project.  The minimum fee per order is EUR 300 plus VAT. Please simply speak to us about your concerns and requests.

Authenticity and products

Our opinion is not for sale.  The basic requirement is, that what we write about fits with us and our blog.  We also claim to be able to identify ourselves with what we write about.  So we only write if your product / service has convinced us. Products sent for testing will not be replaced by us.  We follow the so-called code of honor for bloggers and feel committed to it.


On our pages you will find editorial articles and articles that contain advertising.  There is also a field on the home page for the logo of our current cooperation partners.  In the case of advertisements, these are always provided with an advertising label, as are all publications on social media which are connected to advertisements.

Use of our content by third parties

Of course we are interested in our work reaching as large an audience as possible.  Nevertheless, the text and image rights are of course with us.  If you would like to publish texts or posts from us under your name or logo, please contact us beforehand.  We are happy to give our approval for this after consultation.

Guest posts

Are generally possible, but not free of charge.  In terms of content and quality, they have to match us and our blog.  Duden-German and the English translation are prerequisites for inquiries.


Behind what is shown on the screen is a lot of work and money.  Because the technology not only wants to be operated, but also looked after.  So there is a lot going on behind the scenes to avoid that hackers and viruses have no chance, that our data is safe, that we fullfill all legal guidelines and data protection.  Our contributions are not limited in time, which means that large amounts of data must be stored on a secure server in Germany.  As everybody knows, hosting is not available for free.

We look forward to your cooperation request!