There are days when you walk away from your desk for ½ an hour, come back in good mood and find some 50 new emails in your beautiful mailbox.  Hey, that’s crazy.  I come from those letter-writing days and I don’t remember the postman ever delivered 50 letters in one day.  The thing is exposed if you take a week off.  Last time we went up to about 500. That makes me sweat on my forehead.  In any case, it‘ driving me nearly crazy, because I have to grasp in a few moments and make decisions about trash or reading or processing at some point.  My girlfriend says: “If you really want something, you also write twice“. That’s how everyone has its own strategy.

How I came to know Katharina Popp

In any case, I was very happy that my attention caught on a message from Katharina Popp who offers facial training.  Wow, I was cheering inside, because the muscles in the face are usually left out.  We practically train everything from the cervical spine to the ankle, steel our bodies and pretend that our feet and head are somewhere else.  In doing so, we run around the globe around 4 times with our feet for a lifetime and see our face at least twice a day – in the morning and in the evening to brush our teeth (I hope).  As a make-up nerd, I do it more often, but it doesn’t matter.

Katharina Popp
Extremely fascinating, our facial muscles!


[Note: not to get bothered with any photo-license I drew the schematic represention myself. Therefore no claim is made to completeness or correctness.]

It’s a fact, that muscles which are not used or moved slack.  Muscles that are continually tensed, can cause pain.  The nasty wrinkles on the face come on top.

Frown lines, sagging contours, pain in the temporomandibular joint – not only the decreasing cell renewal, but also the muscles have an enormous effect, not least on our face.  No matter how you normally do it, namely not being aware of anything, is suboptimal.  How awesome, now I can finally learn how to do it correctly 😊. Even better: Anyone can do it.

Katharina Popp

Professional instruction is the be-all and end-all

The goal is of course to train and strengthen the facial muscles in such a way that a lifting effect occurs.  I had spoken to my sports trainer about this a few times;  watched tutorials, made faces and laughed a lot.  However, we came to the conclusion that – just like in sport – the best way to start is with professional guidance.  After 3 sessions I have to say: Katharina Popp not only built up her training consistently & super competently, but also pays attention to every detail in the video course.  She has an incredibly fine feel for your movements – corrects and praises; asks a lot.  Among other things – which problem areas you see on your face, how much time you have to carry out the training, how the exercises feel, what you have problems with, etc. And you just feel: she wants the best for you and your face and in the end  a visible improvement.  That’s awesome.  It is exactly the passion that should resonate in coaches that you want as a customer, but not always get, no matter how much money you spend.

Once learnt – never forgotten.

Katharina Popp

How to become a facial trainer

I always find biographies exciting, which is why I immediately asked curiously how to become a facial trainer.  So here is a short version: Katharina Popp learned Marketing & Sales.  As a hobby, she has been dealing with the big topic of health for almost 10 years.  Staying healthy and fit for a long time is a personal concern of hers.  Also keeping your skin and appearance beautiful in a natural way.  When she discovered the first wrinkles a few years ago and realized that even the best natural cosmetics are not enough, she made her first contacts in the area of ​​face yoga / face workout.  She took a course and loved it.  The connections, the mechanisms of action – everything suddenly made sense and her own skin was getting better every day.  Her passion, which had sparked for many years, was now completely kindled.  No wonder that she left her old job behind to receive comprehensive training.  And so it has been proven time and again that you should follow your heart and passion in order to find fulfillment in your job.

Be curious to learn more about the facial workout and further details in the next post with Katharina Popp on

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