I return with incredible impressions and it is almost a bit difficult for me to sort and filter everything. The question is, how comes the fashion summer 2018 far away from the catwalks out. What will we see on the streets, from what has been shown. So what will we wear next summer ?! It’s a crazy world you meet, a compaction of creative, free, crazy people, fancy girls and boys. All somehow belong in this fashion carousel and mix with or believe it at least of itself. The locations in Berlin are far away from each other and those who do not bring any knowledge of the city have to deal first. Although shuttle buses travel between the main exhibition halls, you have to go and return to your starting point later. Taxis do not help with the crazy streets, with the public are usually much faster. Even as a “big city child”, I felt sometimes a bit “lost”. The locations are impressive, actually all the old industrial halls, broken walls, huge pipes, steel beams, created as “in-fashion” photo locations. It’s the mix of perfect imperfect, which everybody loves.

Straight lines set through. Very feminine and slim, they come graceful and noble. Sometimes interrupted by flowing dresses with significantly less volant details than this summer. Also the culottes remains for us first preserved. In each collection you can see many in elegant narrow cuts, which can replace the classic suit or second-hand in the office. Clothes and skirts end up under the knee.

A colorful celebration on the days of the Fashion Week before my eyes. Hardly to figure out which of them will make the race. Sure is for me: the streets will shine more with rich, clear colors. Anja Gockel’s summer / summer collection of 2018 is mainly based on the combination pink / purple / lilac mixed with turquoise in combination with black. Powder and light kaki tones were also present. The Pink-Purple range is available in many collections; sometimes more times less color intensively. If you prefere less striking colors you can go for tones like puder / nude, light kaki or bleu, they are also en vogue. Black and white goes every summer, also next year.

It is generally calmer again and I didn’t see wild pattern combinations any more. Thermal flowerprints, patterns with small cactuses and sweet beetles paired with forms, which are drawn one color in one another. Stripes are still important. You find them at pants and tops.

Glam and glory.
The silver time comes to an end, there are shining fabrics for the evening, even sequins, lots of transparency in the evening gowns, none of them without a train. The trend is clearly to quality and sustainability, and environmental awareness and the use of certified materials is also reflected in the fashion world.

In conclusion:
The modern woman shows itself in the coming modesommer particularly feminine & self-conscious. At the same time sexy without showing much skin. On the contrary: the packaging makes the gift!

One more word for accommodation: I was in the >The Circus< located at Rosenthaler Platz (subway station / tram), Berlin. Hotel, hostel and apartment house and thus for every taste something. The location is ideal, the prices are fine.

Hotel The Circus Berlin
Junior Suite, Hotel The Circus, Berlin

Find a summary of photos in the german version and enjoy!


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