Do you still turn pages to read a magazine or do you just scroll on your tablet, pc or phone?

The question I find incredibly exciting in our digital age. At this year’s economic summit, which was about the big theme of change, I had the pleasure and opportunity to be able to speak with all the greats in the new social media business. So the right Instagram stars, B. Carolin Einhoff, whose fan base is more than 1 million followers. Also Maren Schiller, Roxana Strasser and Luana Theodoro da Silva were in the discussion with the part. Young ladies who know what they are doing and have built up a lucrative business with their way of storytelling.

... mit Insta Star Maren Schiller @maaren_xx
... mit Insta Star Caroline Einhoff @caro_e_
... mit Insta Star Roxana Strasser @roxiecke
Die Influencer Star-Girls: @maaren_xx & @roxiecke & @luanasilva
@roxiecke, @caro_e_, @maaren_xx, @luanasilva

It would be presumptuous not to listen to them and their opinion. They are the influencers of our time. I asked them how they hold it and whether they are still browsing through magazines or just on the road. The statements were unanimous. A TV has each of them, but nobody is watching TV. In magazines, you can browse through and over again, but most of you are online. Instagram is the stock market for news, even other online channels, but basically dries in their circle of print; For the moment. Reading a newspaper is totally out of the girls, because of the many negative news. The whole terrible thing in this world as best it can be displaced and rescue itself into the beautiful Instagram world was the tenor. Now I come from the generation before it and could be the mom of each of these charming, very pretty ladies. One could also say I come from the time of the typewriter; this really honest thing. Since the errors were immediately on paper and from a certain amount of Tipp-Ex use you had to throw away the whole sheet and write everything again.

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My diplomas at high school I have prepared on college blocks. Countless pages handwritten, to be printed out and stapled. We have read books all by now, because search engines and Wikipedia did not exist. It is only 35 years ago and it sounds like a long time in between. Hard to believe that we babyboomers I’m convinced quite a lot of us and more and more manage to keep up with the digitization and are able to go with many of the new means of communication and ways I find it very nice to know both, and to use it.

As a blogger I am naturally at the pulse of the digital time and surf a lot for any information I need. At the same time, I love to browse through a beautiful magazine, read interesting articles or find a new recipe. It is so unhurriedly. It has something of time for me and relaxation. Sinking in a small open space without social media. That‘ so good to me. Is it the same to you? I like it and stay with it, at least if it is not the Daily News. In the “Print” section, I am happy to read the MEINS, just the right thing for the modern woman 50Plus with great fashion tips, nice stories and trend news. Tips and vacations hints, so you would like to go and take the next flight! Also the recipes shown are simple, fast and delicious. Exactly “MEINS“.


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