They stay long and they stay blond – at least for now!

You know that I really like going to my hairstylist and I am always happy with the result. At the same time I find it enormously important that you can handle your hair well, whether short or long, wavy or smooth! Therefore, some tips from me from my hair routines. At least shoulder-length hair is of course a prerequisite.
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Super easy to style is the classic ponytail. It’s worn 2018 like down collar height in any way you can imagine. A rubber or two directly noticeable hair clips are also trendy. The hairstyle on the right is a classic bun in the neck. For this, I take the hair at the appropriate height to the braid, turn it to the bun and stick it with hairpins.

Let’s twist

In the magazines I see very often the twisting styles directly along the head, so preferably “running down from above” but: I can not do that style by myself. So I’ll do it classicly as you see it in the pictures. In the picture on the left side, I took the hair together from the side and plaited a braid. Then I put it to a sided bun and fixed it with hairpins. That keeps great and you feel completely “save” on my head. Right next to it an “undone look” with 2 braided pigtails. Just divide up the hair at the neck level at the back of the head and untangle it. Two transparent rubbers hold the pigtails. With my hair the undone style comes automatically after a while. If not, you just pull a few strands loose in width.


For the hairstyle on the left side I have partet the hair in three horizon parts, starting from the hairline above the neck. Then I have rotated the individual parts and pinned each batch by lot. I covered the hairpins from bottom to top. That means the lower with the middle and last with the top. For a bit of “glam-effect” I finished the look with a few hairpins with swarowsky stones at their end. The classic bun everybody knows how to style, I suppose. Simply tie the hair on the top of the head to the braid, twist and fix. Finishing off a few ends is the perfect bun!

The parting question

This year basically the middle parting dominates. It comes with very romantic hair styles this season that are often characterised by soft waves and vintage vibes. Beach waves — as long as they are not too messy — also work with this styling, making us look sophisticated and attentive to our look. As for side parting styles, they come in two different versions: the first one focuses on movement and volume, and looks very dynamic, while the second is all about precision. In this case, the line is so straight it almost seems like it was traced by a marker: your hair will be perfectly parted, with the extra help of a product, such as wax or hairspray. But – take a deep breath and relax: no matter whether we are fans of side or middle partings, we will always look cool. And if we feel like it, we could even try to change how we part our hair!

Super low ponytails

Totally trendy is the braid when put together at the nape of the neck. On plus low ponytails are among the easiest, fastes hairdos we can think of, and they are also immensely popular becauss thei are so versatile. Two different styles I show on the photo. On the left side straight and combed with precision. On the right the undone version, just fixed together with a clip. This one I don’t suggest for an office outfit. It needs a casual or sporty look anyway.


No need of a parting decision 😊! Just feel free to take your top hair and bundle it no matter if it’s flat or curly.

Have fun to copy the styles!

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