Infinity! Symbolically speaking, I’ve always loved the word because I think it’s just wonderful for a favorite person. The lying eight as a closed circle for people who should belong in this circle forever. So nice, to give this feeling a sustainable and valuable sign with juwelry. I do not think that’s a trend either, but it has become popular with chains and bracelets. Just a real statement!

InfinityThe endless story of this love on the wrist or on a chain to wear, has something special, whether you’re a silver or gold fan.

Namesforever makes beautiful pieces of jewelry out of it. The infinity bracelet on which my favorite person is immortalized, I present to you today. The selection of different infinity designs is great, so you will surely find the right one for you. Quite outstanding is that you can order both necklaces and bracelets in the right size. I find nothing more stressful than to spend time and money for changes after the purchase. It should fit right away; After all, it’s always about the anticipation of such a nice piece. Since I have relatively narrow wrists, that is sometimes not so easy. All the better therefore the size selection possibility. That they are also super cheap makes the decision probably pretty easy. The jewelery of Namesforever also convinces qualitatively. Since I speak from experience, I can say that the ordering process works quite easy. The bracelet was with me within a very short time. Last but not least, these are always important aspects for me when making a purchase.

InfinityI especially like the idea with the rings that carry an outer engraving. In the past, the name was usually engraved on the inside – but why not on the outside ?! Either by name, as for example the partner or the children or even the meaning or what the name stands for. I guess, they’re also quite nice in combination – thinking about name and meaning. The possibilities are endless…

Statement Ring with outer engraving.

Then I hope you enjoy browsing through the page of NAMESFOREVER! Let’s see what piece of jewelry you’re in love with! Write me or just comment on the magazine!

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