Right, the terms are assigned to their origin according to the painting and I find that meets the point. To do the make up is very related to the painting and sometimes I say to my husband jokingly: Treasure, I’m just going to draw me a face now. “Then he knows right away, when we can leave the house: including hair apx. 20 min later. Back to the painting-course. I don‘t think the school grate in art – oh my goodness that is almost a long time ago – anyway –   can draw back on how talented one now works with pins and colors for painting once face. First of all it’s a question of wether you want it or not. I think it’s a very personal decision and everybody can just take its free choice. For me personally, make-up is just necessary. It belongs to my morning routine, like having a coffee. I feel just naked without. Even more: less beautiful. Therefore my hours without make up are reduced to a few lousy hours on the sofa and of course at night. Over the time you get your routine and I find it adapts to the aging process in a certain way. By this I do not always mean more color, rather the change of priorities. That’s how I feel. Now I am at the point which is particularly important to me, namely the frame and the contour. The frame for me is the eyebrow, the contour is the shape of the face. With a bad frame the whole face loses. At the same time it’s important for me to say, that the currently so hip thick brows fit only in young faces. Imagine a broad, possibly even black, bar in the face of a more mature lady. Oh, my goodness, how terrible! So we are well advised to orient ourselves to the natural form and color and to emphasize this by a fine imitation. I use the Eye Brow Brush by Brigitta B. Behrends. It makes the handling super easy and the oblique brush can do even more. One simply carries something from the eyeshadow color on the brows and can thus beautiful brewing forms draw. Also, powder eyeliner strokes are very accurate with this little helper. For a special emphasis and depth of color, the brush also works wet.
In the photo you can see the difference:

One side is with „frame“ and the other without. Nearly unbelievable, how the whole face opens by the emphasis of the brow, also the eyes become bigger. I find this effect great and it needs only 2 products:

P7 Eye Brow Brush
Angels Eyeshadow Nr. 2 Grey

This is for me so the “Alpha” in my daily routine and now comes the “Omega” and I mean the contour. Normally the facial skin loses more and more elasticity and thus contour over the years. Optical shadows in the right places help to give a contouring to your face. It’s based on the light-dark principle as fort he eyelids. That means, light colors highlight and dark colors take back. So the dark powder gets placed under the cheekbones and thus lifts the cheek visually; makes them appear stronger. In the region of and above the temples he provides for a beautiful border of the face. Only a little bit of freshness is missing and you can conjure up the cheeks with a rosé-rouge-tone. For that smile in the mirror and apply the powder precisely where the cheek is prominent. Also in the following picture the representation with and without contouring:

Both together make for me optically a huge difference. In the day routine it’s done quickly and brings a great effect. For this I use:

Angels Rouge BRONZE
Angels Rouge ROSA

All the other products of Brigitta B. Behrends also really convinced me. Especially for us 50plus ladies, she designed a new, professional make-up line that lasts all day and makes us look beautiful. Just try out and become an ageless angel!

Photos: Thorsten Zott
Productphotos: Brigitta B. Behrends

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