Must have, girls?! Absolutely! And now they are just like everywhere, in every fashion magazine lots of IT BAGS.
Therefore the question arises what it’s all about and who or what may be called at least IT BAG? As a fashion freak, I get shining eyes every time, just by thinking about these wonderful eyecatchers. Before my mind’s eye goes up and down the dollars like standing at a slot machine. Help, another small car. My husband falls away from the faith. Now we girls are collectors, already for the genes, but in this case also gladly times hunter, I am with it. In case of these bags I have taken a few of them in my life and beware of them such as small treasures. Seen from history it’s a purchase for life, fashion-independent, expensive label, noble workmanship and I jus say: Hermes, Birkin Bag! It will always be and survive me (the heiress will hopefully!)

Hermès, Birkin Bag
Hermès, Birkin Bag

But also the cream hoods to the outfit are subject to the time and fashion spirit and has developed rapidly since (presumably) Fendi around 1900 this designation coined. The advertising of the luxury labels does its other thing and so present stars and starlets deliberately subtle which bag we would like to have immediately (?) / Must have (?) / should have (?).

Apart from the beautiful fashion carrousel and all trend facts for me also the practical side and a few tasks besides the pure beauty are important, such as:

1. You should choose the size knowing what has to be carried within a reserve for surprises. I suppose you also know about them….
2. Keep the problem of surching items as small as possible. It saves time and money! Yes. Furthermore I do not need the adrenaline push, if wallet or key or mobile phone are neither visible nor tangible. Over time it came out effectively to me to have my content tidied up, same in life 🙂
3. The quality must match keyword haptics. I do not want to overstretch the perception process with respect to the bag but feel good, should be processed well then nevertheless. I do not like things to fall apart after the second deployment, zippers which do not do their duty. I remember that at the beginning of the 20th, I bought a wallet from Jil Sander, that is without interruption is in my use. One of the most serviceable items that went through life with me. You don’t expect this purse going the last 30 years with me and I hope we make the next 30 also together.

4. The Trend Factor. For an >lT BAG< one of the significant points. In other words: containers for transporting utensils or objects is like somehow coming from A to B. That may be the benefit, but can not be an >It Bag<. There are more trends than ever before and possibilities to have a need for them almost the same. Business, traveling, dinner time, party / nightlife, etc., etc. It’s no wonder then that we are experiencing a true It-Bag invasion. Trendfavorites are for me apart from really funny-cheeky evening bags (pineapple, ice cream, banana and contenders) a larger bag, which is also suitable for office and a smaller variant, which I can wear cross-over or also as a clutch. I think it’s nice to see that not only high-fashion labels can make such trend bags, but also small fine designers from the newcomer corner. There is then often more passion and love to design and details than it’s shown from the “hot labels”. I introduce you a few of them to you:

Tote Bag von Angela Miklas
Tote Bag from Angela Miklas
Fold over Bag
Fold over / cross over Bag from Angela Miklas
Keine Schwester
Keine Schwester


Keine Schwester
Keine Schwester


See all the other photos and interviews in the german version.

Love to have you here on my blog und hope you continure following me!

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