As the headline makes you almost guess, this review is about the brushes for a perfect eye makeup. It is one thing to have the whole “raw material” at home, another, to apply colors and shape safely and quickly. Brigitta B. Behrends with her makeup line especially for us Ladies 50 Plus has designed brushes for a perfect application and blending. At the same time, all the bruhes are from highest quality and handmade.

I’m coming back to the last post and the perfectly prepared face and now show you the brushes, which are needed for a awesome eye-makup-finish. Because there are 6 different brushes I have sketched the eye parts for you and explain their use in the text. The numbers give an accurate insight into the “brush application place” and the terms of use.Augen aufEyes on youEyes on you

Have fun while trying !If something does not work, you can find further support in the professional tutorials of Brigitta B. Behrends! Otherwise, you can always write me!

PS: Even the eyeshadows by Brigitta Behrends are ingenious. The colors are wonderfully matte and long lasting. They can be applied dry and moist, and especially the light grey color (No. 2 – grey) is the best for the eyebrows. This fits perfectly with my blond and blue eyes.

Augen aufMy color favorites from left to right:

Angels Rouge rose
Angels Rouge bronze
Angels Eyeshadow light

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