I was really surprised when I received a call from David Gern / German TV Chanel called HR. He asked me if I could present a contribution in the program MAIN CULTURE on the topic of beauty and body in the „older age.” Nothing better than that! So I stood on Febr. 9th 2018 in front of the TV-camera.

Since the broadcast already on Thursday (Febr. 15th 2018) at 22.45, everything had to go very fast and we could not wait with the interview, until a fashion show or an official shooting was planed – ‚cause a suitable backdrop for the recordings were necessary. Fortunately, the fashion and beauty photographer, Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser, was ready to make a fashion shoot for my blog with the current winter fashion and the label Lassal has provided me with the appropriate outfits. So I ran to Lassal’s boutique in Mannheim we selected a several outfits. I wanted to introduce something extravagant – elegant and special – something that you do not see every day and every corner … and after all, I’m not on TV every day.

On site we decided on two outfits from Lassal and chose a sporty outfit, because the location was at the foot of the ECB and here is a skating park.

The interview itself was about beauty and why it matters to me at all. Why I keep my body fit and what it means to me. Whether this lifestyle does not put pressure on others, not least on myself. It also came up with the question of whether beauty is related to success. David had really thought out some really good questions and since I did not have any preliminary information, the answers can not be more authentic.

Click here to see me on TV (Minute 14-18)!

topagemodel @ TV

It was a fantastic day for everyone. We had a lot of fun together and apart from the freezing cold it could not have been better. The 52-year-old skater, whom we met on the skate park, and who was ready to pull some fast turns around me, set the finishing touch with his effort!

Big thanks to the TV-Team, I’m ready for the next show!

#Bang #Biker-Outfit

Topagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TV

Eyecatcher Outfit: Biker Outfit in nappa leather which is so cozy to wear together with this brand new creation in pink. It’s a scarf with two arms that you simply wrap around your shoulder. A real hot fashion styling highlight. Contact Lassal-Fashion or visit the boutique in Mannheim.

Hat, Shoes (which I found in NYC) and bag (Guess) of my own assortment.

Elegance in trend colour red

topagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TV

The red coat you can wear from both sides. The innerside which I wear is leather, because of the black details on the cozy side that fit perfectly to the black (leather skirt) and black and white (blouse) under ist. The sleeves are extremely long, so that they’re always seen under what ever jacket you wear. Especially the blouse I immediately felt in love with, because any combination (sporty oder elegant) ist possible. Available at Lassal-Fashion!

The overknees come from Deichmann. Sun glasses Chanel. The bag is a real treasure made out of horsehair and comes from a label called Goldpfeil, that unfortunately is not available any more.

Sporty Spice

topagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TVtopagemodel @ TV

With this sporty outfit you stay cool and easy; comfortable and not expensive. Jacket and jeans H&M, shoes: KiKi, Shirt: Natascha von Hirschhausen. The designer lady with its Premium Ethical Design got an award 2017 called Bundespreis Ecodesign Kategorie Produkt. Accessoires (Hat, gloves, bag) Karl Lagerfeld.

Very happy to meet this 52 old Skater (same age as me :-)) – had a lot of fun together!


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