There is a folk song that begins: “Green, green, are all my clothes;  green, green, green is everything I have.  That’s why I love everything that so green is …. And of course my clothes are not all green, but desses are booming this summer!

Good mood is also given by the dresses for this fashion summer and the one or other also appears on our wishlist. Running through the shops and getting an idea I really found all forms and colors: from polka dots to wild patterned, plain, long, short, pleated, asymmetrical, transparent, romantic playful, clean, elegant – yes, really the whole program.

So here I am with the most beautiful dresses! 

I have put together my favorites for you and present you in this post a motley mix for all occasions:

Pretty long = pretty nice

I’d say: just magic!  Airy and light and a dress for many occasions.  You can shop with it or go to the office, but also to the cocktail party.  It simply flatters the wearer and can be sportily combined with a denim jacket or elegant with a pashmina.  In short: a wonderful summer dress for any occassion!

Wraparound by LILO Concept Store

Coco Style

The style of Coco Chanel is a guarantee for the noble appearance.  A special elegance radiates all their looks.  So you always have a safe appearance that leaves an impression.  In combination with Chanel bag and glasses, of course, perfect.  Meanwhile, this style is also combined with loafers or sneakers, which works, of course, taking the elegance out of the overall outfit.  In this combinaton, those heels are definitely my favorite!

Dresses in Coco Style – by Lassal

Animal like

The snake is ranked high in the Animal Prints this season.  If you do not want to approach the look quite animalically, you can of course also combine it with other accessories in the corresponding colors instead of the all-over-animal print.  But why not “dress” fashion instead of “messing up” and pervading the animal print.


Dress with snake print by incognito

‚Cause I’m a girl

Is not it just cute ?!  I love this extremely feminine side of clothing fashion.  Special details like this shell border decorated with small rivets in the corners add an extravagant touch.  So sweet. The bag in canned form makes the entire outfit a special eye-catcher.  On vacation, I was asked a several times where I bought it with it’s  just so fashion!

Instead of the black heels I see also golden heels or a pink sneaker with colorful laces (then  in combination with a more sporty bag).

Rose dress with shell border, black heels and bag by lassal

Be a princess

A fabric like from a wild-colorful flower meadow is the template for this long dress.  Sure, there are just girls fit pure, but if so, then the dress is an eye-catcher and let you become a little princess.  And: I admit: it takes a bit of courage, because you’ll always be different with this dress – whether it’s for an evening event, a wedding or any other special occasion.  Big compliments – without decollete and mini-mini are definitely safe for you 🙂

Princess’s dress by Matsour’i, Photo: Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser

Hot Summer

For the really hot days, this dress is just right.  It has a pleated skirt part.  The tie belt makes it really easy to bring it on waist.  Great to add: the basket bag in white.  This gives the whole outfit even more summer look.  Who doesn’t like shopping with heels on, can choose white sneakers and optimally equipped.


Summer dress, heels and bag by lassal

Shirt-Dresses to fall in love with

Just love it or leave it. There’s nothing inbetween.

It is super airy and really perfect for hot days.  The shirt sleeves, which are reminiscent of a men’s shirt are here to tie and make the dress particuarly stylish and fashionable. You can style the sleeves in different variants. An eye-catcher for every event!

And by the way: Oversized shirts can easily be changed in dresses, skirts and tops. Some inspirations you find here:

Alle meine Kleider
Georgeous dress, black heels by Lassal


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