Where is the time gone ?! – I often think, when Miss „white snout“ comes towards me. Even after 14 years, she still pierces my heart with her sweet eyes in no time.  Makes me unresistable with her body language, that is totally convincing for any wish she’s got.

YES to a dog for the good of children

When she came to us, she changed our lives, filled them with plenty animal happiness and a new love.  With her tender 8 weeks, she fit into two small children’s hands that could not have been more caring and loving.  And not only once I would have been only too happy tob e at her place, because she was cherised and cared for like nothing else. Loved anyway.

From the very beginning it was one of her greatest benefits to be the „baby of the family“. Equipped with these attitudes life couldn‘ start easier. God bless her. That’s also the reason, why we took her little excapades with humor such as she destroyed 3 remote control units and an armchair with her sweet pointed milk teeth.

As a mother I can also look back proudly to the adventure “dog.” My son did not have any siblings, but a friend, a true one, reliable and always there. One with whom you can do everything, the good and the bad – without a word. Who can listen to the secrets and shares time and life – even more: such as happiness, joy and love.

Responsibility he has learned and duties. And he took the opportunity to grow with this challenge. Some years later, having a walk with his dog, was no longer charming, but it was his task and he had to go for it. And of course I found him not only once in the pub around the corner. But that is like life is.

Four-legged friends getting older…

Years later, at the age of 10, the first illnesses came.  Emotionally, our princess is a family member like everyone else, and then you worry and suffer, when she’s ill. In times like these you’re just there, take your time and you just do, what has to be done. Even and also pay the horribly high vet bills.

At about the same time, the first white hair came into the once fawn, symmetrical mask.  Oh, this lady is getting older and completely without wrinkles …. !!!, Well sweetie, would’nt you like to swap?!“

In all other things, she shares the fate of mean aging with what people say about it. And of course, in dog guidebooks you find the facts described in details.  Daily life is sometimes different and not always easy.


Therefore I’ll offer you now taking a look in the diary of our sugar sweet doggy babe:


Need to sleep more.

„6:30 is so early, can anybody just sleep off in this house?! – (Yawn – plug – crochet) And if you wake me up that early, then there must be something decent  in the cup The lumps of the other day were so disgusting.  Mh, just stay like iron, sniff around at the cup and just turn around.  Then they’ll get it.  Treats would still be the much better idea.  Standing in front of the corresponding cabinet helps a lot 😊.“

„Oh my Goodness, they‘re busy from the moment they wake up. And always under pressure. In my age things slow down, nothing is more important than me and I just take my time for things that take time. My morning toilette is one of those things and I do not allow anybody to make me hurry!“

The dog’s bladder becomes “weaker”

Chilling instead of activity

„Office time, that’s my time. That’s just great.  Legs long and eye care. I love that. In case someone dares to interrupt my beauty sleep directly gets an announcement – barking is still going on.“

„Really, lunch again?  Time to have a walk outside and see whats going on. Blades of grass are fragrant, I could easily smell them up and down 10 times until my dearest mistress looses her nerves and lures me to the next blade of grass. No change, that my time and my business. Since eyes and ears loose their strengh my nose is covering all my activities.“


>Smelling< increases to priority


„Hey you, too much running with me is no longer possible, my tongue is already hanging down to the ground.  And what about a shady little place for a rest and a refreshment?! No break, no water – ok and bye bye, I just go home.“

„On the way back, I met a buddy, quickly said hello, and then continued my way. You know, in my age you’re no longer interested in talking longer than necessary. Sometimes the guys also want to play, but that’s not my thing anymore.  Since my last surgery I feel a lot better chilling and staying at home.  That’s when they cut my stomach in the veterinary clinic.  Dears, that was really no fun.  I woke up with a sort of string on my leg, and really, I tell you, that’s what nobody needs.  On top, nobody‘s there I’ve ever seen before, keeping me in such a small box with no tasty food around. Just hated these days.“



Krankheiten und andere Sorgen.



“Back home I was like a bit shaky and bitchy too. Sometimes I  even missed to get outside on time for my – you know what I mean… Really scaring that time. I’ll tell you, getting older is just something brave. Hard times with me, I tell you.  But my family is really great, they brought me up from this awfull weaknees and spoiled me like the first day.  They bring the food I like, leave me alone just little, go out with me 5 times a day and oh yes, gifted me a brand new teddy. He’s a good buddy. I love’m. He’s so fun.”

„Well guys, that’s the way it is with this pretty old woman. Not always easy, but who is easy? Anyway, my people are totally happy when I’m fine, when I’m laughing. They love having me around and if we’re all lucky, we celebrate my 98th birthday on the 5th of October. That’s a good reason to toast – in my case, with a hearty nice piece of bone…

Enough told my Dears – bye bye and see you one day – I’m going to have a break now!“

You just have to love them

We enjoy every new day with our dog child and feel so blessed with all the time we can share with her. Anyway you should consider, that our faithful four-legged friends are not only young, playful, save and sound.

Your doglover, Renate


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