Marina Bay Sands


There are few hotels that are as connected to a city as Singapore with the Marina Bay Sands and in this connection I can only think of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  So the decision was made quickly: a trip to Singapore would mean moving into Marina Bay Sands.



Otherwise I would always have the feeling that I had missed something essential from the mega-metropolis and in retrospect I can only say personally that I had missed a lot.  Of course, as a tourist, you can walk through the gigantic hotel hall, also visit the bistro or restaurant on the 57th floor, but don’t soak up the feeling of having splashed in the tallest and longest pool in the world, nor the full extent of the extraordinarily complex hotel with the fully taste of its composition.  It is great and I would do it again and again;  also stay at Marina Bay Sands.  Not only because the hotel complex is a superlative, but also the ideal starting point to get to know the Singapore hotspot a bit.

Vor dem Haupteingang


But back to the hotel: a taxi from the airport to Marina Bay Sands takes around 20-30 minutes and costs around 60 Singapore dollars, which is the equivalent of around 40 EUR.  You will learn that there is order in Singapore, so to speak, and that there are rules and regulations for a lot of things when you enter the country.  At passport control you have to leave your fingerprints and in front of the taxi stand you will find a personal guidance system, as you otherwise find for example before check-in counters.  The concept works excellent because it regulates the onrush and avoids travallers to cut the line.

The city highway gives a view of the many towers in Singapore and I cannot help but say that I was really impressed.  As soon as you have the airport area behind I have to call cleanliness in the same breath, because even when you look closely you don’t find any dirt on the roadside.  No plastic bottles or abandoned rubbish between the apparently freshly cut, flowering bushes in the median strip, nowhere garbage as far as the eye can see.

Although the Marina Bay Sands houses 2,561 rooms, the gigantic hall, which feels like it has been cooled down to a refrigerator level, is almost quiet; everything is well organized here too;  in the short waiting time, still water is served in Marina Bay Sands bottles.

The gigantic hall at Marina Bay Sands
Lobby-Area behind the main-entrance: left side check-in, right side concierge

Check-in is easy, quick and smooth and our bags are in the room faster than we are.  Our room 4101 on the 41st floor in tower 3


is not an excitement per se, but the view of the lotus flower and the city is definitely.  The elevators in Tower 3 are at the same time access to the 340 m long roof garden (Sky Park), with infinity pool, restaurants, night club, 360 ° view far beyond the city and island state and even a smoking area (at the end of the pool at the left rear, somewhat hidden).  Speaking of smoking: this is only allowed in marked areas throughout Singapore.  Violations are expensive and not recommended.  At the MBS complex there are a total of 3 smoking areas: left in front of the main entrance (Tower 1 & 2), behind the exit behind Tower 3 on the right around the corner, and in the named corner on the roof terrace.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the bay
Infinity Pool
View from the smoking area of the Sky Deck


But back to the essentials, namely the 145-long infinity pool at a height of 191 m, to which only hotel guests have access.  No matter what the weather, swimming in the highest and longest pool in the world is a must.  I would like to say that the space up there is one of the most beautiful, the view is simply gigantic and after 2 Singapore sling cocktails the water is almost pleasant.


Singapur Sling


The world-famous cocktail, which was mixed for the first time at the Raffles Hotel (Singapore), tastes a bit like the city itself: fruity, with an exotic, beautiful sweetness.  Noble at the same time and by no means pushy.  If you like, you can mix the classic at home, although of course it tastes best in Singapore.  For this you need:


  • 3 cl Gin
  • 1,5 cl Cherry Brandy
  • 0,75 cl Cointreau
  • 0,75 cl DOM Bénédictine
  • 1 cl Grenadine
  • 12 cl Ananassaft
  • 1,5 cl frischen Limettensaft
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitter


  1. All ingredients one after the other  Pour into the cocktail shaker and then mix.
  2. Mix until a light foam forms
  3. Pour the mixture from the shaker into the glass so that a light foam head remains on the cocktail
  4. Serve with a pineapple slice and a cocktail cherry
  5. Ready

From top to bottom

It is worth going on a journey of discovery in the Marina Bay Sands complex,  because underground not only luxury shoppers and players get their money’s worth.  The escalators behind Tower 2 take you to the big world of designer brands, to 2 theater stages, museums and also to one of the best food courts in the city.  Unless you want to visit one of the high-class restaurants on the upper floors in the evening, you can eat pretty cheap here (EUR 20 is enough for 2 people for dinner with drinks) and eat delicious.  Another attraction in the middle of the food court, namely an “ice rink” made of plastic, which provides a wonderful play of light and particularly fascinates the little ones.  In another corner of the spacious basement, you can take gondoliers through artificially created water channels, even if the romance is somehow missing here.

“Ice-Rink” made of plastic


If you want to hit the jackpot, the huge casino with 600 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines is the right place for you.  In contrast to Singaporeans, who have to use an extra entrance and have to pay admission, foreigners enjoy free access on presentation of their passport to make their fortune here.

The Casino at Marina Bay Sands


Even if we didn’t even try to get the approx.  restoring 400 EUR per night in the MBS was worth every penny in this very special place.  Finally, a tip for the booking: it’s best to have a look at and get a good time – a bit like in a casino …

Light- and Watershow in front of Marina Bay Sands


Futher Posts of my Asia-Trip follow soon: Of course about Singapore and also about all the destinations of the cruise with Mein Schiff 6 (Bangkok, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Kuala Lumpur and others. Hope to find you back soon on


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