In the past, customers gave us wine or cookies, now we get toilet paper 😊. That’s how it is in these days with Corona when you say that you haven’t hoarded the soft fleece and now  the last two remaining roles are now divided sparingly.  After all: it is the bare truth.  So I was amazed when my husband came home with 8 rolls last week after standing in front of empty shelves in the supermarket again.  Where they had their place before Corona, now a large sign with the note: only 1 pack per customer!  Helping in an emergency was and is our motto, also as a craftsman in the field of heating / sanitation.  How nice that help is coming back this way, after all, nobody could have guessed that the toilet paper shortage would break out in Germany and adult people would fight for the paper for the „quiet“ place.


Life is different these days and not everything is bad.  For example, nothing has changed in my job.  Like every day, I sit at my desk, do my office work. Furthermore I am my text and image editor for new articles and blog posts.  Having no appointments on the calendar in the evening does not in any way spoil my joy – on the contrary.  My husband and I enjoy the extra time we just get.  That is something new and beautiful in our life.  Cooking together, shopping, chatting, making plans together – for trips after Corona, among other things.  Again and again we had planned to do so in the past and then everyday life came, simply overwhelmed us with all of its concerns, which we thought we had to fulfill, and left us exhausted.  Spit out completely wheeled, on some days.  It is the power of habit, this bit of civil service that probably lives in each of us and that seems to make it easier to maintain, rather than break, lifestyle habits that even make sick.  Always keep the stress level high, although you groan underneath;  fulfill a thousand and two expectations and work.  Corona turned off much of it in a jiffy and we can breathe a sigh of relief.  What personal luxury in these tough times.  We are fully aware of it.

Also about the fact that the millions of young and old people living alone out there >stay home< hits them probably hard and of course also single parents and families with children, who do not all have the luxury of spacious apartments;  on top children, leisure activities plus learning and home office have to be reconciled.  Also the many existences that are in distress.  And last but not least, the seriously ill, who fear for their lives.

Like all crises, also this one will have winners and losers.  If we are one of those who survive healthy, we have already learned a lot.  Above all, that it is worthwhile to adapt the stress level to your personal needs.  To be more mindful of yourself.  No matter what the others say.  Consciously saying NO has taken on new meaning for me.

No. I don't.

Stay home and healthy!


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