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  1. The nicest historic old town Dinkelsbühl (Focus)
  2. Vital-Hotel Meiser ****S, Fichtenau/Neustädtlein


Nicest historic old Town of Germany, Dinkelsbühl (Focus)

I use superlatives carefully, but this historic romantic town is really worth visiting. I recommend to stoll through town, while discovering new things in every alley. A romantic horse-carriage-ride guarantees even more information about the old town.


Famous Church in the center of Dinkelsbühl, the Münster St. Georg.

It was built according the plans of famous Nikolaus Eseler from 1448 till 1499.

Kirche Dinkelsbühl

Visiting the old town by bike or e-bike, you should also see the historic graveyard in Segringen – about 10 min. away from Dinkelsbühl.

Historischer Friedhof

Vital-Hotel Meiser ****S, Fichtenau/Neustädtlein

Our choice was this wellness-hotel, because we also wanted to relax.

The service (reception) was not always as expected. Anyway: we enjoyed food, spa & gym. Get more impressions within the photo-gallary below.


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