Sometimes the eyes reveal more than we would like.

The region where we want to shine the most, we chat a lot about our lifestyle without saying a word, and unfortunately sometimes also talk about illnesses for trained viewers.  We take the laugh lines, but we can do without dark circles & bags under the eyes.

In our day-to-day business with beautiful looks, we cover them up and lighten the eye area in order to give the face more freshness and radiance.  But that doesn’t solve the problem.

Really good cosmetics show that it is possible to work on the fundamentals, to intervene in the skin, including around the sensitive eye area.  With the >eye lift corrector<, Skin Vital Concept has developed an eye roll on especially for this purpose, which, with both new technology and new ingredients, has become a real “magic pen”.  The high-dose combination of active ingredients is based in pure deep sea water, where our nature has the highest concentration of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.  In addition, there are a number of high-quality natural extracts that give the area around the eyes an immediate lifting effect and also visibly reduce puffiness, shadows and dark circles under the eyes. The highly active combination of ingredients is worked into the skin area by means of vibration and can thus develop its vitalizing effect in the subcutaneous tissue.  Further areas of application of the new elixir are the anger and nasolabial wrinkles, as well as the lip area.

eye lift corrector
The brandnew >eye lift corrector< – for more than just your eyes…!

*** In-depth effect

A new, bioavailable buckeye blossom extract promotes blood circulation and nourishment of the skin at the interface between the upper and lower skin, thereby improving microcirculation and better oxygen supply to the eye area.

*** Firming & Strenghtening

The orchid stem cell extract contained in the Magic Pen proves to be a real boost for our cell scaffolding, the collagen and elastin, which stimulates the fibroblasts’ own production and in this way has a firming and strenghtening effect.

*** Anti-inflammatory

Allergy sufferers know a thing or two about it: irritated, inflammatory eyes.  Here also, the relief comes from nature, namely with a special combination of active ingredients from silk arkacia.  It counteracts skin irritation and swelling and helps to lighten the eye area.

The magic roll-on with immidiate lifting effect!

*** Botox substitute

A combination of really heavenly herbs, so-called darutosides, provide an instant lifting effect and reduce the facial wrinkles as soon as they are applied.  At the same time, they sustainably reduce pigment accumulations, dark shadows and promote microcirculation, that means stimulate blood circulation around the eyes.

*** Decongestant & Relaxing

If the lymphatic system is not or not sufficiently active, water or fat can accumulate and pull our lower eyelids down.  Unsightly bags under the eyes are the result.  Since with make-up it’s much harder to covert hem than small wrinkles or dark shadows, the “Magic Pen” helps here in three ways – namely through the:

  1. biotechnologically unique combination of active ingredients
  2. always cool ball of the roll-on pen
  3. vibration driven by button cell

The cooling effect of the ball in combination with the vibration not only works the active ingredients intensively into the skin, but also ensures better circulation in the blood and lymph vessels through the medical-technical micro-stimulation, so that existing congestion can be broken down more quickly.  The decongestant effect is also characterized by the cooling ball.

eye lift corrector

To me the new “Magic Pen” is a real miracle weapon for more radiance and perfectly complements my care routine. Of course from Skin Vital Concept.

The product developer herself, Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim, explains in her Video again all the details and advantages of the >eye lift corrector<:

In Cooperation with skin vital concept.


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