We are all eagerly waiting for summer.  Now that the days have been longer, we finally want to wear airier clothes.  With colors that create a good mood: blue like the sea, yellow like citrus fruits, green like apples or pink like raspberries. They put you in a good mood and the cuts are above all casual and practical. 

It is exactly what I need now after a long winter and the sadness of everyday corona.  I am convinced that the vast majority of women feel like me.  VESTIMENTUM PRIME gives answers to all these longings translated into fashion, which not only dress us beautifully, but also pamper our skin with supple fabrics.

So far, unfortunately, it has not been mentioned that VESTIMENTUM PRIME also makes fashion for men.  Basically, I don’t even know why, because there are few shops with high-quality men’s fashion here in the regional area.  But of course men also want to be in the spirit of the times with their outfits and I would like to say: they are catching up in terms of fashion awareness.  When it comes to both business and leisure fashion, you have come to the right place at Maria Sugameli-Borchert with her stylish advice. 

That’s why I’m now leading you through a summer-light fashion trip for men and women… and since I’m the writer we start with Men’s Fashion! Here we go:


Outfit with a navy-colored Jacket

Markus is wearing an unlined jacket in navy blue.  It impresses with its wearing comfort and the comfortable cut (without inner lining), but still looks dressed.  Markus also wears chinos with narrow legs made of cotton with elastane in a white / blue Vichy pattern.  The satin-finished cotton shirt in a trendy natural tone rounds off the outfit.  Sneakers or fine lace-up shoes – it doesn’t matter, both fit!  That is casual business de luxe!

Hoodie & Jogpants

A sporty outfit for leisure time, rich in feel-good materials.  The trendy men’s chinos with laces can be perfectly combined with the cotton hoody made of 100% natural cotton and a simple T-shirt.

Vestimentum Prime

Chinos with a fine check, merino shirt and overshirt

That’s what men wear!  Shirts that become jackets and look just as sporty and casual as they are because of their collar.  In combination with the colored shirt and the check chinos, the outfit gets pep.  Uncomplicated chic is so easy for men 😊!

Bermuda and Linen-Shirt

Long-sleeved linen shirts are a must – ideally made of linen.  The finely striped Bermuda trousers make the summer look really casual.  Due to the cooling properties of the linen fabric, it is particularly popular in summer – whether in white, light blue or natural: it always fits and always looks good!

Vestimentum Prime


Casual Business in a Marine-Look

A super comfortable casual outfit with which dresses up perfectly in the home- / office.  The combination is absolutely stylish and, with the right accessories, absolutely fashion.  The soft cuffed trousers and the blockstripe cardigan made of 100% cotton guarantee a feel-good factor 24/7.  Everything you need can be easily stowed away in the handmade, white Farfalla bag (butterfly bag).  My top favorite for sporty elegance on many occasions.

White musk meets sweet raspberry

A dream in white is this combination of straight-cut jersey trousers with drawstring, the slip-on blouse with cuffs to tie and the elegant knitted jacket made of 100% summer cashmere.  Whether it’s a shopping tour, dinner or a visit to a museum – you are always very trendy on the go.  And the strong pink makes the outfit an eye-catcher.

The matching handbag is available in a unique and limited leather embossing – handcrafted, of course, in a small factory in Italy.  The shimmering effect of the Farfalla bag color (in German butterfly) always puts this outfit in a NEW light.  Available in 2 sizes.

Vestimentum Prime
Vestimentum Prime

White Poncho over a Indigo-blue knitted Dress

Vestimentum Prime
Vestimentum Prime

This knitted dress made of 100% cotton is absolutely feminine.  The leather belt accentuates the waist and gives the look a formal attitude.  The cotton poncho on top makes the outfit soft, flowing and youthfully fresh.  The color of the belt is repeated in the bag, also handcrafted from exceptionally perforated leather.

Sommermode 2021

Farfalla-Bag with exceptionally perforated leather.


Lemon is one of THE colors of summer 2021 and is reminiscent of a delicious, refreshing lemonade.  And that’s exactly how the knitted dress wears – just super light.  The matching jacket, also made of 100% cotton, provides fashionable refreshment.

Vestimentum Prime

Vestimentum Prime
Sommermode 2021

Shift Dress in Apple Green

Vestimentum Prime

Sweet & delicious is this super comfortable shift dress in apple green made of sturdy cotton jersey material.  Just add a shoe and you have the complete outfit that you don’t even want to take off.  The figure flatterer is available in all colors and sizes.  So beautiful!

Vestimentum Prime

A Post in wonderful cooperation with VESTIMENTUM PRIME.


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